will one plant smell enough???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PEACE_ESKIMO, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. if i have ONE small (about 12 inch) plant in a computer case grow box, will people in the room be able to notice the smell???

    i have two large fans ventilating the case.... (one in one out)

    i also burn incense very often...

    if so, is there anything that i can do to reduce the smell???

    ps: the reason for one plant is i like to keep my mother inside for more control...
  2. with only one plant that small, I don't think it'll be a problem.

    As long as you burn incense & some candles, the smell should be very minimal.
  3. alright, thanks! btw, awesome sig pic....
  4. One plant certainly can stink up a room. Depends on strain and growing conditions. Sounds like you are just venting your grow into your bedroom...if that's the case, why wouldn't it smell?

    Look into a carbon filter.

  5. Thanks, i was just looking at those!

    What are some strains that are potent (specials) and don't small as much as some skunk strains?
  6. Skunk got that name for a reason...

    Northern Lights is hardy, potent, takes well to training, and can be low odor.

  7. Thanks, but when you say "can be low odor" do you mean that different seed banks will have more or less potent smells?
  8. Not necessarily but could be. I don't have the low-down on who has the most odor-free genetics. What I was referring to is different phenotypes within NL have virtually no odor. Unless you get a clone from such a plant there is no way to know which phenotype you are getting.
  9. If the plant gets big like bigger then 3'(which it wont in a pc grow) it'll smell. If you're still stressin put oder neutralizers in your room.

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