Will Obama Get Impeached?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by colorado4, May 19, 2013.

    Yes its still there. Edit it in your profile.

    This shows nothing more than you don't know shit about McCarthy or Nixon.  :(
    LOL.  Those things in your post that are actually true have been committed by pretty much every president in the last 50+ years.  But you are only making a big deal about this one...hmm....
    Lol, such a weak criticism.
    1. This thread is about Obama.
    2. Obama is the current president.
    3. Its seems trivial to have to name every single president when you're talking about current issues.
    At first I thought you were someone knew but then I remembered your username so I know you know better I have absolutely been critical of a multitude of presidents. I have called for Bush, Reagan and others to be tried for war crimes I have argued for the abolition of government along with the Repubs and the Dems, so you sir are absolutely full of shit and whats worse you defend this outrageous behavior. 

    Tone down the disrespectful comments. - Chunk
    Oh I'm sorry, I was unaware you have criticized other administrations.  Whenever I happen to venture over here to the politics section I only see your anti-Obama rants and your fear mongering conspiracy theories.  Your post was calling out another blade for supporting Obama and his administration for multiple issues.  If your job was too enlighten someone about atrocities against the American people and others globally, wouldn't it make more sense to point out the failures and scandals of the US government over multiple decades?  Obama is not the problem with our government.  It has been diseased longer than Obama has even been alive.  So, while you may be justified through your criticisms of other administrations, you still fail to argue the larger issue at hand and instead play further into the Obama is the problem bullshit that distracts Americans from finally taking their government back. 
    Secondly, I'd love to see how you came to the conclusion that I am defending anyone's behavior.  I mention that this president and his administration is no different than any other in the last 50+ years and that means I'm defending him?  What kind of paranoid, delusional logic is that?
    @Mairuzu  It's a weak criticism to say that the government has been corrupt, too powerful, etc.. for multiple decades?  Does it matter that this thread is about Obama?  The problem is much bigger than one man.  If you don't realize that you are part of the problem too.
    So you are buying into the republican rhetoric. You claim to rally against all, yet still buy their shit? A rogue IRS agent thinks it's cool to be an idiot and that means Obama sicked him on the tea party? DOJ has a mission to prevent leaks. I really gave you more credit than to fall for petty politics, guess I was wrong there.
    I thought you were working on your debate skills? :rolleyes:
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    The weak criticism you made was toward James by ASSUMING that he only talks about Obama due to the ignorance about the person you're questioning not to mention that we are in an Obama thread, you know, where Obama will be the main discussion? Criticizing the government on being too corrupt and powerful isn't a weak criticism but your question implies that that was the critique you made, which it was not but you're hiding behind it now.
    Of course it matters that this thread is about Obama because you're questioning someones critique on Obama, duh?
    The problem is indeed bigger than just one man and if you would stop making assumptions and clear your ignorance on those you judge, you'll realize we agree.
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    Well to be fair, Obama is his main target most of the time.  My criticism isn't just about him, it's about this entire thread....it's about the entire delusional mindset that one man is destroying this country.  I know this thread is about Obama, and my point was and still is that Obama doesn't matter.  The issue is bigger than him.  And as long as we continue to focus on just one man, then we aren't focused on the overall issues of this country. 
    I have not made any assumptions.  I've seen how often James's posts are targeted just towards Obama.  I've seen his many conspiracy theory posts.  I've seen him defend media nut jobs that spew the same rhetoric he does.  It wasn't that many posts back that he called an Obama supporter a fascist and tried to compare Obama to a combination of Nixon and McCarthy.  One can come to plenty of realizations about another poster based upon such nonsense.  Whether we agree or not is not any consolation.  If those that agree with me are part of the problem then they are part of my problem too and I'll gladly call bullshit when I see it.  And arguing with an Obama supporter and spreading nonsense about Obama isn't solving anything.
  10. I doubt James and anyone else in here thinks that Obama is single-handedly destroying the country. Can you prove that is what we or someone else thinks or are you going to rant on about arguments no one is making?
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    politicians suck
    its simple no matter who is in office the bullshit will never change
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    Abolishing the state is the only thing that will change it. And that alone is as good a reason as I've heard!
    Un-tether mankind from the parasitical burden of the state, and then stand back.
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    No, even if we abolished the state, we'd still be subject to the financial institutions/control of other nations/the international community, just as other countries in reform are subject to our heavy, forcefully guiding hand. You'd have to abolish every state, financial institution/the current international economy, etc before violent revolts would be worth it. You could try doing that violently, but you'd have to be pretty dumb considering they're the ones with the genocide machines.
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    Clinton's lawyers argued for days about the [SIZE=9pt]"Definition[/SIZE] of sex" to the point he was not lying. It pays to have money. If OhBlaBla does get impeached then the same thing will happen.
    Is he guility? I think so but It does not matter, we will never see him ousted as it would be recorded as a "race" issue forever.
  15. We will live and die in these tax farms for the remainder of our lives. Perhaps we can strive to shrink it, but the abolishment - as in people realizing that this belief in the state is immoral, destructive and counter productive - will take, who knows how long, but the idea should be spread like wildfire.
  16. Obama will not be impeached imo. He ain't that bad.
    I guess you need to see him handing the guns to the cartel...
  18. Like he's the first president that's done dirty deals for personal gain....
  19. Oh such lovely logic. As long as "every" president has done something bad it magically makes it okay!

    What a stupid excuse

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