Will Obama Get Impeached?

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    I believe that honor actually belongs to the (un) Honorable Republicans in Congress. :smoke:

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    i dislike congressional republicans as well, but why stop there?
    congress has a lower approval rating than dogshit.
    a bunch of overpaid, overprivileged, morons. who cares which superficial label they slap themselves with?
    i've seen both parties promote laws that contribute to the demise of this nation.
  3. I heard on the radio that despite Congress's overall rating, individual representatives have high approval ratings... I think our federal government is just too big at this point. We almost need another revolution, but we're out of continents to take over, unless we go for Antarctica, but it's really cold there.
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    stupid question..but are they allowed to pardon themselves, or is it only other people?
    actually come to think of it...even if he wasn't allowed to do that, he'd probally make an executive order to do that
  5. Yeah, I'm afraid he'd pull a Hitler and get Mrs. Clinton to write him a hall pass so he could declare himself dick-tater. I feel like our military would turn on him in that case, though. lol At least we would hope...
  6. Not a chance obama gets impeached he runs both agendas after all!
  7. http://youtu.be/SRPgcXbISAw
  8. I'm already seeing HAARP conspiracies about Oklahoma. Apparently so obama can hide behind it and not get impeached.
  9. The mere fact that we all wasting time talking about impeachment and republicans can't let go of this scandal just continues to show how the media and government work together to keep us distracted from the real problems in this country.  We have far more pressing issues. 
  10. Why do people act like impeachment is a big deal? Sure Obama would get a black mark on his record but they would just fade in with all the others.
    Correct me if im wrong but isn't impeachment just congress offically accuses the president of a crime\\wrong doing?
  11. he won't get the boot unfortunately..
     too many lips around his dick
  12. Personally, I think the whole Benghazi "cover-up" is bullshit. I don't give a shit WHY the attack happened. It's clear it happened because we were invading their country. On the other hand, if this stuff about the ability to extract them but not doing it turns out to be true, that's pretty serious.
    But in all honesty this impeachment shouldn't even be about this but more along the lines of what Ron Paul said about Clinton back in the day.
    Really, though, the president's more of a semi-figurehead than the all-powerful economy-destroying nation-molding kings critics make them out to be.
  13. Yeah, hacking the little tiny leaf in the tree of evil doesn't do much.
  14. Obama's approval rate hasn't fluctuated even with the revelation that he's joe mccarthy and richard nixon combined. We live in the USS United States of sheeple.
    You still walking the sheeple walk of the Republican party? There are fuck ups in government, big surprise right? Obama is personnally responsible for every fuck up an employee does? Rather unreasonable expectation.
    But of course their goal is to keep the Country divided and the sheeple" (as you put it), fall for their act rather then to push them to get shit down for the Country. :smoke:
  16. Don't talk about IC's master, he'll go defense mode. :smoking:
    I have no master and you are getting tiresome in your pettiness. :smoke:
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    This man obviously stole the last election. Your loyalty to Obama borders on fascism. You stand by him when he murders children, you stand by him when he puts people in prison for weed, you stand by him when he uses the IRS to steal and election, you stand by him when he gives guns to drug cartels, you stand by him when he bugs reporters phones and uses the DOJ to spy on FOX. this is just disgusting. I am now pretty sure you are a government disinfo agent there is no other way someone could be so blind. 
    Do we have a block function still?
    Oh you don't? I could hardly tell.  :smoking:

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