will my plants work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skunklord, May 7, 2004.

  1. oh so all iv got so far after two days is iv had 2, 100watt bulbs on the plant pot on a heat matt with cling flim over the top (total of 4 seeds) and in the day i put them on the window cill so they get light all the time. im just worried i want it to work coz i only got 16 seeds and if it dont work i can get any more. i also have 3 seeds in a paper towel.

    im gonna use miricle grow but i dont know what ratio for miricle grow to water so if anyone could help out id be grateful
    dont call me a dick everyone has to start somwhere
  2. hi

    wat you doing inside or out side grow????

  3. inside grow
  4. I will assume you have 4 seeds in soil that is moist at all times for the germination process. Plant the seed only 2 seeds deep. Keep warm and moist and if all goes well in 3 to 14 days you will see seedling sprouts. Once sprouted be sure to get them in the light. As for the paper towel seed they should be kept warm and moist at all times, in 1 to 14 days the seeds will germinate if they are still alive.

    Good Growing!
  5. ye i remember that i planted 6 seeds in a pot 6 inch diametre
    5 round edges and one in middle ill put them in different plant pots and are 100 watt bulbs ok?
  6. what kind of bulbs are they? compact fluoros i hope :)
  7. there just house bulbs iv got 2 100watt bulbs set up 2 inches away from the pot
  8. Them bulbs aint no good... go too homedepo, or walmarts and get some flourecent light bulb.....latezzz..
  9. im from England
  10. im only gonna gow them till there a foot highwill 100 watts be enough?
  11. get compact fluorescent lightbulbs..... the bulbs you have right now won't work.... plus they'll just eat up your pocket with the electric bill if you're gonna use them for your grow....
  12. will the ones you suggest be expensive? + can i use house lamps or do i have to buy new lamps?
  13. compact floros are not goin to break your pocket. the incandesents are not going to work.
  14. i might just use regular sunlight? wat do yall think?
  15. Nah, sunlights horrible for growing plants....

    Sunlight? really? your crazy man, thats unheard of!

    I swear
  16. Sarcasm is the lowest form of whitt
  17. I agree, but its the most fun!
  18. outdoor grow will get you big yeild... only thing u cant control the sun hours... i grow out doors.....

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