Will my plants revert back to veg ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Peacefullbuddah, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Just a quick question , I have 4 females flowering right now , this morning when the lights were off i opened the closet door that i have my setup in , when i did the sheet that was blocking out the light fell down , it wasnt much light coming from outside , but a little did get in for a minute or so . My question is how much light during the dark hours will it take to revert them back to veg ? Im worried now that i may have forced them back to veg , any help will be apreciated , thanks.
  2. The changes going from veg to flowering and the other way around take time.
    At least a few days either way around or 1 to 2 weeks even.
    1 minute of dim light is not going to revert your plant back in vegging mode.
    (but it's not a good thing)
    So relax!
  3. When you said " but it's not a good thing " , did you say that because messing with the dark hours like that can cause more hermies ? , and thanks for the fast reply
  4. its possiable that you could get hermies from that little light exposure but as long as it was minimal it probly will be just fine, my second batch is on 12/12 for a week and a half and still havnt shown sex so it takes quite some time to convert them to veg/flower stages
  5. No with good genetics its hard to get hermies.
    I meant that the total yield will be lower because you've basically pressed rewind on the plant but the time is still running forward.
  6. 1 minute wont do shit bro dont worry shit like that happens all the time power, goes out this and that. Nothing will happen just dont let it happen all the time


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