Will my plants be detected?

Discussion in 'Security' started by kelticblonde, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I have about 12 seeds from an ounce i recently finished off. I should probably wait until next season to plant them, (i'm sure by then I will have many more seeds) as it is already august. Maybe I will plant some just to get an idea for next season. I'm new to weed; first time i smoke was 4/21/12. Just a day late I know, that's how I remember it.

    Here's my concern. What if someone sees my plants and reports it? I will be growing outside because indoor isn't an option for me and i'd rather use natural good old sunlight than spend 300$ on a lap or whatever. I'd rather get an ounce and a half for that much. I buy an ounce for 200$, and my friends all tell me it's pretty decent shit. I've had killer dank but that was too expensive for my wallet.

    I have 5 acres of land, all fenced in with thick tress surrounding most of the property. I have a neighbor next to my backyard but usually i cant even see what he's doing in his yard unless i really look. These weed plants get pretty big right? never throw party's or anything here it's very quiet where i live. Do y'all think it would be safe to have large weed plats in my yard? can you smell them from afar? would a helicopter be able to detect my weed, then come to investigate? Tell me your opinions please. :)
  2. it sounds like u have pleanty of growing area where u live. #1 rule in growing is do not tell "anybody" that u r growing or u will get busted or ripped!!!! it,s a fact of life that some folks just don,t get.... make sure u spread yur plants arond like 20 feet apart. its really hard 2 c those from up above. good luck!
  3. Size of plants can vary greatly. It really depends on genetics, nutrients and light. If your new to gardening in general then get ready because this winter your going to be doing alot of reading lol.

    Like Henry said up there keep your mouth shut and dont tell anyone not a sole. It really is the holy grail rule of growing. If you start some plants now they are going to go into flowering because of changing daylight hours. You can use this to your advantage by separating males out from females. Then you could take those females inside for cloning for spring time.

    Now that I am reading your initial post maybe I am jumping the gun on info for you. What is your general knowledge of the plant? Female mj is what most of us are after seeing as how that is the sex that produces buds that we all know and love.

    To note though usually plants are seen because they are planted in patterns or rows, paths to them, growing supplies near them large clumps etc.

    Good luck this is going to be a fun adventure for you.
  4. hey blondey--- u might want to use these winter months to dig your planter holes and do some early prep work on them so that by the time come next year to put out yur plants u wont have any trails leading 2 yur plant sites. and like lowd said use these months to also study up on all yur gonna need 2 know about yur grow. these forums will give u alot 2 read!!!!!!

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