Will my dad find out?

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  1. So just last night me and my friend were smoking on our way to get some food and afterwards had to drive through a license checkpoint, of course reeking of weed. So we pulled off into the side and long story short we both got a minor possession charge. Although I'm obviously not thrilled about having to pay for the drug-tests and fine I'm not too worried about the charge as I know I'll be able to clear it from my records. However, I WAS in a car that is currently under my dad's name (we also couldn't find the registration but the cop didn't really metion it after he looked for it himself and he seemed to have all the info he needed). My question is will my dad somehow be notified or see any type of documentation of the incident on the insurance? Also, other than a letter about the court date is there anything else I should look out for to ensure I get this taken care of without my parents knowledge (I'm 19 and live on my own but stupidly forgot to mention my address was not the same). Also, if anyone recalls from personal experience, does the paper look like a standard court summoning, I was thinking I could possibly pass it off as jury duty if they did happen to find it. :thumbsdown:
  2. I think your good with the whole insurance thing. And court papers are gonna be mailed to whichever address was on your drivers license unless you told them somewhere else. I don't know what state your in but good luck
  3. he will find out, just be honest before he finds out.
    I'm telling you from personal experience. He's gonna find out sooner or later....
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  4. Time to start being a man. It will come back around if you are not truthful now.
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  5. If you were my kid, I'd be mad at you for getting caught. :GettingStoned:
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  6. Yes, he will. Everybody is going to find out. They're all looking at you. They KNOW you're on drugs.
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  7. Just tell him the truth and it will be better being worried about it for the next few months!!

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  8. If you can catch the mail, go to court or pay ticket, you should be alright. But, like everyone else is saying. He will find out, sooner or later. Or he already knows.

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