Will it live?

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  1. ;) Alright, So... I started my first grow the other day with 2 seeds i found. Thing is, I figured they were dead so i soaked the soil in water and left it in the dark outside on my porch where there is no sunlight during the day. and a day later the fucker sprouted! How the hell is that possible? in the shade with no lighting! Besides i have it in my aluminum smoker now with the light on and its been on it for 5 hours. Do you think the thing will live? the soil is really wet but should dry out soon. ( within the next couple hours or morning)
  2. So tell us about your setup man. What is your grow area like, what lights are you using etc. :)

    Can we see pics?

    If you treat her right and give her the right environment, there's no reason she shouldn't live. :)

  3. Well, I dont have much of a setup. I can get picture up later today. it's 2am here so I cant do it now. But.. I have the hatched seedling in a little cheif smoker. like this


    now i am currently using a household light untell thursday hoping that it will work and let it grow i am leaving the light on for 24/7 untell thursday tell i get hte new light although im not sure if it will contiune to grow with just this light its a 50 watt bulb i belive. and have been giving it water only. i have ordered a bunch of shit on amazon led grow light, tempature and humity checker sensor, light switcher, fox farm nutirents all 3, fox farm soil, ph tester for both ph and mositure and super thrive. i belive more stuff but im not sure.

  4. Good luck with the grow. :)

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