Will It Burn?

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    I mixed 1/2 teaspoon CalMag, FoxFarm Grow Big, and FoxFarm Tiger Boom into 1 gallon of distilled water and PH'd it to 6-6.5. The PPM level was 280PPM. I mixed it to feed some older pants, but not thinking, I used it on one 4 day old seedling and three 10 day old seedlings that are growing in FoxFarm Ocean Forrest.
    In your opinion and experience, do you think they should be alright, or should I flush it out now to be safe?
    IMG_20130614_133945.jpg IMG_20130614_133956.jpg

  2. i would flush.....your dirt has a bunch of nutes in it
  3. Flush, the FFOF's premixed nutrients alone are enough for plants for a month. At one month, feed 1/4 dose of Grow Big(or your veg nute). Hold off on other nutes until late veg/early flower, just aren't necessary. It's not a bad thing to let them start to become slightly deficient so you know they actually need more food. Less is more.

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