Will Idrasil Become The Next Marinol?

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  1. Is Idrasil the new Marinol? No, says 3C Patients Association, owner of the patent for the pill that contains "whole natural THC, CBD and CBN extracted from the plant." Marinol is a pharmaceutical made of synthetic THC.


    Similar to Sativex, Idrasil uses actual cannabis in a formulation that's equal parts THC, CBD and CBN - all phytocannabinoids. Whereas Sativex is a spray (it's available in Canada and is being tested in the U.S.), Idrasil is being marketed as a 25 mg pill. However, unlike Marinol (a.k.a. Dronabinol), Idrasil has not received the FDA's seal of approval.

    According to a press release, "Idrasil is currently available in California with a Doctor's recommendation" and "addresses a variety of ailments and conditions such as AIDS & Wasting Syndrome, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease, Alzheimer's, Glaucoma, Pain Management, MS, Parkinson's, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and as an aid in easing dependency and withdrawal symptoms."

    Medical Marijuana Pill Idrasil Available in California - CelebStoner.com

    Idrasil - Info
  2. They try and they try, but nothing can replace the real thing.
  3. It's all soooo stupid! Trying to replicate a plant nowhere near extinction! And all the $$$ for all this shit??
    Uhg! I can't even think now!!!!
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    They really should include migraines on that list. I mean, smoking the plant cures migraines for me so if this stuff is from the plant, then...I think it should be on the list. Migraines are debilitating as fuck.

    nvm, its on the list on their website, but still, I mean my doctor told me that there's not a whole lot of understanding about migraines and treatments, so I just wanted to reiterate that marijuana is effective, more like it dissolves them and the possibility of them happening
  6. Can't you guys see the insanity of all the $$ to replicate a plant? If it were near extinction, I could see, but it's not!
    Whenever possible, go natural!
  7. Its crazy that they'll create all these medications trying to mimic the effects of marijuana when in reality these medications have side effects. Why can't people wake up and just side-step all this bullshit and legalize the greatest medication that has ever been bestowed upon this earth.
  8. Because the pharmaceutical companies lobby politicians to keep it illegal. There are several other industries that also do it, but I can't recall them. It's really stupid if you ask me...

  9. Private prisons, police unions, alcohol, tobacco, and any labs that perform drug screenings.
  10. You guys, this isn't synthetic stuff.

    "Idrasil™ is whole, natural THC, CBD & CBN extracted from the plant."

    and the patent owner is saying "no" its not going to be the next Marinol because:

    "Marinol is synthetic THC only, formulated in a lab."

    whereas Idrasil, in contrast, in all natual. This is a good thing.
  11. However, I think that the second Idrasil link is not a very good one- I check their "facts" and many were VERY inaccurate. To me, it looks like a young person typed up the table below a professional ad for Idrasil. The number of bolds, underlinings and Improper Capitalization didn't look right- not quite professional looking, so I fact-checked it.


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