Will I pass my drug test?

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  1. I got hit with a random drug test by my primary care physician because I'm prescribed addys.
    I'm freaking out right now because I smoked 11 days ago.
    Do you think I'll pass my test?
    Test: 15 ng / urine
    Last time smoked: 7/8 (11 days ago) & 6/20
    Frequency: once a month
    I weight a 109 pounds and have a fast metabolism
  2. Are you fat or skinny? And do you gain weight easily or are you basically unable to gain weight? If your metabolism is good then it is out of your system 9/10 most likely. If not then drink a lot of water all the days before the test but DONT excersise unless you're skinny.
  3. If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd wager you fail.
  4. I think you'll fail. I know everyone wants to here positive things but let's just be real here. If it was a 50ng/ml I say it's a possibility. But 15ng/ml that doctor is brutal!! But who knows. No one can actually determine if you pass or fail. If I was in your shoes I'd drink and drink and drink and hope I got a diluted negative. Just be careful with drinking too much water as you can cause lots of harm to yourself and possibly die from water intoxication. Take it from me I found out the hard way. I had very bad headache and vomited like never before.
  5. Fail
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