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Will I need to smoke weed forever?

Discussion in 'General' started by desuforeverlulz, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Sounds like you have some issues with depression, my advice would be NEVER take the rx meds, they are 100x worse than mj. Weed can be a great therapeutic tool if you use it for the right reasons. Use weed to really meditate and look deeply into yourself, this will help you focus on the real reason keeping you depressed. Don't use weed to cover up problems, intstead use as a healing tool.
  2. This is how I feel as well, it's a hard cycle to get out off

    When you dig a hole too deep to get yourself out of *Sigh*

    I feel depressed as well, trying to not make weed my solution, way too hard for my own good

  3. you know whats crazy? i stopped for a t break and got really depressed (but i actually am depressed) and got a hedgehog as a pet. its kind of nice to feel like you always have someone there, even if its not a person. call me crazy but it made me feel better :D im not cured or anything, but it does help. and if it makes you feel better, keep smoking weed. im taking anti depressants right now (dont rip on me, its my choice and it works for me) and thats also working. DONT EVER MIX WEED AND ANTI DEPRESSANTS! it only makes it worse. i can not stress this enough. anyways, just do what makes you feel better. if that means toke everyday, go for it. im going to try to get off the anti depressants as soon as possible (even though they work, i dont like taking medication. its like controlled poison) and start blazing as soon as my break is over. natures medicine man. good luck

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