Will I have enough room or flip now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by unzz, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. 1 x LA Confidential (Left)
    1 x Peyote cookies (Right)
    Day 30 from seed

    First time growing photos and im not sure what to expect with stretch/final height.
    Both are just over 30cm and i have 70cm between the tops of the plant and the light.
    That is as high as I can get the light so should I flip now or wait a little longer?

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  2. I can't say about the LA Confidential, but I think the Peyote Cookies needs to be flipped now. I'm growing some Peyote Critical and it has doubled in size at least.
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  3. Good choice on lighting,,I run a ES300 myseld

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  4. Nice plants btw. :)
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  5. Thanks mate, Second grow so still learning how to get it dialed in but enjoying the journey so far :)
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  6. How many plants do you run under the 300?
    Iv only got a small place to grow so the es180 is perfect for 2 plants but once i get a bigger area ill def look into the 300 the veg growth with these lights is crazy!!
  7. If they were my plants, id LST them and keep em vegging
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  8. I think thats the plan how much longer would you veg for roughly?
  9. Oh its hard to say.....id give em another good 2-3 weeks and then re-evaluate my grow space.
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  10. Will do thanks for the help I'll post an update in a few weeks and see how we are going tyty
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