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Will i get sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Bout to eat my firecrackers and was wondering if i should have milk or somethin to drink with it. Wont the raw weed be bad on ur stomach since alot of the fibers are non digestable?
  2. When you say "raw weed" what exactly do you mean? I hope you know firecrackers require heating in the oven for the THC to become active.
    I personally never have any nausea problems when eating firecrackers and yeah I would recommend a glass of milk to wash them down , they go hand in hand I find.
    Enjoy your stoning :)

  3. Im letting em sit out wrapped up for a week. My fried said it worked for him since he added oil to his peanut butter. But yea i heard they taste like chicken shit
  4. I actually love the taste of fire crackers but they're probably better tasting when they're right out of the oven. and yeah def wash down with some milk
  5. I honestly don't think firecrackers taste that bad. You definitely won't throw up or have any problem whatsoever digesting them. They always go good with a nice glass of milk :)

  6. I made mine with vanilla wafers cuz i had no crackers. Hope they stay good

  7. Wrong. Heat has nothin to do with it, its just fat soluble so it get absorbed in your fat cells :)

    and you get higher from edibles because there is a higher concentration of fat cells in your stomach than in your lungs

  8. Not quite.

    OP you should be fine but I would look into decarbing the weed next time, it will work better in edibles that way.
  9. ya op you should be fine id have a glass of somthin to drink just cus the taste is some times hard to choke down as far as not cooking it gose it will work you just need to let it sit ALOT longer
  10. #10 DrTummnus, Jan 12, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
    im pretty sure he thought raw ment not vaperouized or decarbed like the buddy above said.... which means it would have had to been if it wasn't...

    and if your heating it anyways why would you bother letting it sit instead of just heating it back up again for awhile to get the full effect...

  11. Im not heatin it. I have had it sitting since monday night and will eat one tonight or tomorrow night
  12. Be prepared to go on a journey after eating those, whether it be good or bad. You'll definitely want something to wash them down because they taste like ass and make your mouth really dry with all the peanut butter and salt.

  13. I only use .2 of dank per firecracker. Low tolerance ftw
  14. I now simmer my weed in veggy oil then refridge 24hrs.... Simmer again, strain , dump into milkshake

    Tastes like heaven.

    Gets you fucking blitzed.

  15. yes but if you already haven't vaped it then you half to.. if not your just wasting it

    Looking up decarbing weed since im not one to explain.... letting normal weed sit in penut butter is going to have NO EFFECT.... your going to eat a shitty cookie and get sick

  16. what this man said. you need to heat it up a little bit to ''activate'' it. mix the ground up bud or oil into the peanut butter and then bake them for a little while, just warm them up thoroughly. if you like the taste of marijuana then you'll be good to go, drink with milk or fruit juices. if you DON'T like the taste of weed, well, sorry dude. try making weednut-butter and jelly sandwiches next time, they taste better. personally, i think the taste of weed is quite nice, and to me is almost like a seasoning. i love it when my brownies are just a little undercooked so they have a hint of that weedyness.
  17. I say, smoke it next time if you aren't experienced in edibles. it'll save lots of accidentally wasted weed :)

  18. But, then a person will never become experienced.
    Perpetual situation, sometimes you just have to walk off the ledge.

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