Will I get fucked up?

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Yo I have no weed and Im lookin to get fucked up tonight, all I have is 3 beers my parents said I could have a while ago but I forgot about them, I never drink and Im really skinny.
  2. Depends on the beer.

    But if you havent ate and drink them all fairley quick for never really drinking you may seem 'drunk' but you really wont be but you might feel alot different.

    Shit me i wouldnt feel a thing.
  3. slam them. thats the best u will get lol.
  4. If I drank 3 beers, Id get a buzz. Barely, but its better than nothing. Im only a weekend drinker. and I weigh 162. So that should give you an idea.
  5. Three sparks or 3-4 smirnoff get me a decent buzz, but im skinny as hell and almost never drink.
  6. Ewww dude they were Bud Lights, so gross I slammed 2 of them and gagged cuz that shit tastes so gross, ehh I had a slight buzz for like 30 mins but its gone now oh well...
  7. Gross? Its not even hard to get down, I mean, I can understand hard alcohol and what not. Bud light aint bad, not my choice of beer, so weak.....

    I like me some Sparks!
  8. Yeah I can hardly stomach any light beers and most shit like bud and coors and that. I like pale ale and guiness and some other shit like that, plus the painsy drinks like smirnoff, sparks, and drinks like vodka and lemonade or jack/coke, crown/OJ.
  9. Funnel the beers..you'll def. feel something
  10. I dont drink light beers, Shit or regular beers unless its a budweiser or hienken.

    I'm drunk right now off 2 40's of King Corba, Almost a pint of R & R Whiskey. And like 4-6 natty ice 12 oz cans.

    Drunk as hell.

    Smoked like about 2 grams of dank now in the past two hours. Its midnight now.

    I smoked a like 3 bowls with my brother, Offered my parents they passed tryin to quit. My bro broke and aient smoked in a week i got him blowed and drunk.

    Im drunk as fuck, Stoned as fuck. I drank alot dont feel likie typin it. Effects really coming in now,. Can barley type.

    im done. Peac.e,.
  11. Its not the alchohol I cant handle its the shitty ass taste.

    Give me some hard liqour and Ill take 6-8 shots from a bottle and be good for the night, no puking no nothing just really drunk.
  12. I love pounding natty ice's and shotgunning them too
  13. true dude, you should have shotgunned, theres no way you wouldnt have a killer buzz. if youre truly chuggin, how in the hell can you taste it?
  14. Drink them and take 5 benadryl
  15. hah idk how small are you
  16. Well did you ever get a buzz or what?
  17. vodka goes with ANYTHING! i can mix vodka with asnything and it tastes like cansy to me. this is how i get so drunk so fast... i drink a a drink of KOOL-AID and smirnoff poured half and half in a 16oz glass. i have 4 im buzzed. then i start on the captains. ill have captain and cokes and im done after that.

    i love drinking lots of beer.
  18. so the owner of coors, the owner of budweiser, and the owner of guinness go out for a drink one night at a bar. the bartender comes to take their drink orders.

    The Budweiser owner says "get me the king of beers, get me a budweiser"

    The owner of coors says "get me the only beer made from rocky mountain spring water, get me a coors"

    The owner of guiness says "yeah get me a diet coke"

    The other two look at him and exclaim "what the hell?!?!? aren't you going to get a guiness?"

    and the owner of guiness looks at them and replies "well, i figured if you too weren't going to order beer niether would I"

  19. hahahahaha thats pretty funny. I prefer 151 and coke myself :cool:.
  20. Holy fuck that benadryl thing works fucking awesome.... i had 1 tall boy coors, poped 6 benadryl, then 3 more keystone ice... i was feelin pretty relaxed. My whole body felt weighed down and shit. It was the best sleep i had got afterwards the buzz started wearing down... sweet feeling in the morning when i finally woke up at noon.

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