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will he...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokeythedogg, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. #1 smokeythedogg, Aug 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2012
    i just caught my 13 year old brother drinking. i stopped him but he had already had 1 beer. is he gonna be alright or is he gonna be drunk? i know this isnt the form for this but i cant find anywhere else. it was a bud light (6% alcohol) i dont think he has ever had a drink before but idk. do u think he'll be drunk or will he be fine. hes skinny as fuck. like 95 pounds

    edit: fuck, just found out he lied. he had 2. one was a stella ( 5.2%) and the other is bud light ( 6% )

    edit #2: i smoke and drink too so stop leaving comments like "his liver will never heal" and stuff. its just cause we have a meeting. will he be drunk?

    edit #3: he is said he has never been drunk but wants to so he is going to drink again. since he is going to do it no matter what im gonna do it with him his first time so he doesnt fuck up. how many beers should i give him. i wanna get him drunk but not crazy drunk. all i have is 6 stella beers ( 5.2%) and some light beer thats not strong at all.
  2. He'll be fine. Maybe get a buzz, but he certainly isn't going to be drunk.
  3. bud light is like 4.5 abv I believe..unless its a platinum..those are 6. He'll be fine
  4. bro my parents started giving me beers at supper when i was like 12 years old, i started smoking when i was 11.
    your little brother is gonna be alright, haha.

    p.s. I haven't turned out to be a retard, if that's what your thinking
  5. No he is not going to be alright, his liver will probably never heal. He's going to be drunk for the rest of his life. Such a shame.
  6. He'll be fine, he might get hot or a littke talkative, but he probably wont be drunk? But why doea it matter btw? My parents started giving me beers before that age
  7. Alcohol poisoning. Definitely alcohol poisoning. GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL

    ...or light him up ;)

  8. Quit being sarcastic, you're not making anyone laugh. His question isn't because he's worried about his brother's health. He said he has something to do soon, and is wondering if his brother will be drunk when they go.

  9. If he is seriously worried that 2 shitty beers will get this kid drunk then he is probably not even 18, and shouldn't be posting here OR just a moron. Give the kid water and a snack if you're that worried. Get off your high horse Mr. Righteous.
  10. You're the one on your "high horse" accusing people of things. He might not know how alcohol might effect a kid or doesn't have experience with people that small drinking. If you're going to comment, help somebody out at least
  11. introduce him to some bud, he'll give up on the booze sooner or later

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