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Will have not smoked in 38 days, How does it look guys?(Think i will pass my test)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ratherdashing, May 2, 2011.

  1. I have a pre-employment drug test, The day i have to take it, i will have not smoked weed for 38 days. I was a daily smoker.
    I weigh 163 and i am 6 foot 1. i am 19 years old male.

    I do not work out alot but i do alot of walking to class. I have gone on a few mile runs the past few days and I plan on running every day for the next week leading up to the test.
    I took a take home test from CVS i think 1 and half weeks ago and i got a week negative but i passed. I plan on taking another first thing in the morning in a few days.

    The test is 11 days away. How do you guys think it looks? Any advice? what to eat? drink? do?
  2. did you link the word weed to a legal bud site or do i have some type of malware shit?
  3. You'll be fine! 49 days is plenty. If it's a urine test you'll definitely pass
  4. First off its 38, and i dont know why it did that, thats really weird.
  5. yeah you'll pass. you really only need like a week or two
  6. Starting to feel alot better, all the websites say 30 days, but i found some scientific journals that say like 16-21 days on average. I think i am still gonna do a dilution process.
  7. Bumb. Just really wanting to know if people think ill be fine or if i should step up my activity alot.
  8. looks like youll pass. ive seen people pass with way worse.
  9. I would say you're fine on passing, just don't smoke for the remaining time between now and the test.
  10. jesus christ dude, you were fine after like 2 weeks.

    All you have to do is make sure you drink enough water everyday and go workout and sweat a little bit, especially with your body type.
  11. jesus christ dude, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The average person is clean after about 3 weeks. I was clean after about 4. Anything over a month and it's pretty much a guarantee you'll be clean.
  12. I passed a drug test in 36 hours. You'll be fine.
  13. IMO you'll pass, and the next time you smoke you'll get ripped :smoke:
  14. Thanks boys, starting to feel alot better, i think most of my fears will be gone with i take that morning drug test in a few days and hopefully pass.
  15. update, i took a home drug test this morning, with fresh piss, and i passed, so i hope im good now
  16. You should be fine but everyone is different. Get a THC kit from CVS or Walgreens if you want to be sure. Only $20 or so. If for whatever reason you are dirty, substitute with quickfix if it isn't supervised. (I.e they watch your pecker hit the cup.)
  17. Umm... no.
  18. well i plan on drinking a piss load of water for dilution
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