will flouros work for whole grow?

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  1. My plant just sprouted and i have it under a one foot cool white flouro tube. I am planning on adding 2 four foot flouros as soon as i can. The bulbs are plant/aquarium bulbs that i got from Lowe's. I am really serious about growing but i cant afford to invest in an HPS. Will the flouros i have work for the plant? I realize that it won't work as fast as an HPS but its all i have at the moment. What can i expect from this grow?
  2. Your best bet is probably to SOG or SCROG or some other method, otherwise you're lights just won't be strong enough to supply a naturally grown plant of any decent height.
  3. sorry? what is SOG, SCROG? I assume it has something to do with pruning but im not sure exactly what. Also i read on a thread that the plant/aquarium bulbs aren't as good as warm white bulbs. Any thoughts?
  4. Search it for more detailed info, but basically SOG-Sea of Green, SCROG-Screen of Green (I think). In SOG you just keep the plant low to the ground by tying it down and selective pruning, and SCROG you use a screen to tye every branch down to the same level.

    Re; Lights. Honestly, I don't think it's going to make much of a difference with only a few bulbs. But in general, cool lights are better for vegging, and warm lights better for flowering.
  5. SOG is where you grow many more plants than you normally would and keep them small...

    Youre best bet, if youre wanting to stick with flouros, is to get several compact flourescent light bulbs from home depot, or wal-mart. They use regular light bulb sockets, and you can get up to like a 42 watt bulb in the red spectrum(2700k), and a 65w blue spectrum (6500k).... theyve worked well for me.

    Otherwise, most will tell you just to save and get an hps, which is probably a good idea. It will prove much better on yield and will likely be worth the cost in the end.... from what ive seen here.

  6. Yes, your plant lights are bad for growing pot. Get the above mentioned by stolen.

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