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Will firecrackers still work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Paulmax029223, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I recently tried making firecrackers in my toaster oven(mini oven), i make a firecracker with nutella with a little bit of butter to add fat and i put close to .8 grams of low quality weed and .2 of average weed and i rapped that in close to 2 layers of aluminum foil and i put it in for 30 mins at 335 fahrenheit but what i wasnt expecting was my dad to come home early, (doesnt know i smoke yet but i have gotten cought before so he gets suspitous whenever i do anything weird) and since i usually never cook anything he might want a taste when i say im making some dessert or something, so with 15 minutes of them baking i grab it out (using a towel of course) and it havent even finished yet will they still work, or should i rebake it later, and for how long, or should i just eat this and hope for the best
  2. i would suggest selling it to a noob, thats a tough question. Or to be safe since you cooked it for 15 min let it sit in a normal temp. room for a few days and it should get you stoned.
  3. yeah let it sit, wont be as good, but itll work, that is assuming firecrackers work for you, I dont get high from them i find :(

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