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    Just picked up some fox farm ocean forest.  Do I need to add anything to the soil? Will this soil be able to provide what the plant needs?  Do I have to buy anything for this soil? I was planning on just giving it water every couple days.
    The brand and type is ffof natural and organic soil.
    SMOKE ON! :smoking:
    Sorry for the typo on the title. its do instead of due.

    Read this guys stuff and throw that bottled shit away!
  3. Ffof has enough organic good stuff in it too last about a month

    I would cut it with some perlite and if you want to start seedsin it i would cut it with some pro mix or whatever medium you want like a 50% base mix 30%ff and 20% perlite
    And yeah youll have to supplement nutes ffof alone wont last the plant its entire lfe
  4. Thanks "Bill"!  As soon as I seen it was jerry who is the op I knew it had to be good. That guy is awesome! Thanks, now to dig in and do some reading.
  5. Thanks Sammy. What a scam. soil that wont last till the end. I just got a booklet of the whole line of fax farm. do you know which ones I should get. I don't want to start making my own soil. Don't mind buying some extras to mix it in but to go all in... I just want something as convenient as possible.
    When you say medium you mean a different soil or could it be a fertilizer? sorry for that noob ass question. I wont ask again once I get the answer.
    Let me know what kind of nutes you think. thanks
  6. Why are you stuck on using Fox Farms soil? There are other options out there.

  7. FF soil will get you from seed through 6 weeks of veg in a 3 gallon pot..
    that's about as far as it'll take you.
  8. im looking for soil that is ready to go. I have been doing a lot of reading. I got a couple of recipes for soil but im trying to get soil ready to go. 
    Is there any out there?
    Any ready made soil???? from seed to harvest???
    No, there isn't. Neither is there any soil you can make that will go from seed to harvest. It would simply be too hot with added nutrients.
    Figure roughly 6-8 weeks even with a hot mix till the nutes run out. So, you can do water only seed+veg and water only flower, but not both without recharging the nutes.
    That's just reality.
    Give it a shot and see for yourself.
  11. i rather not go thru the motions....
    Thanks wet.  too much dreaming for me. ok so.......
    even with the good quality soil that jerry stated in his previous post about putting in the meals and amendments and the ewc and perlite in the base soil, even that wont cut it from beginning to end??
    i would like to know....based on the quality soil mix of ffof, perlite, wormcastings, turkey litter compost, kelp, alfalfa meal, rock dust, dolomite lime, gypsum, and greensand........WHEN WOULD I HAVE TO ADD ANYTHING OTHER WATER TO MY BABIES? Not only when but what?
    i believe i read that with this mix you are good till the end?! im gonna have to go back and read again where i found this info. DAMN!
    When i find the post i will try to put up on here if i could.
    Just when i thought it was getting simple.........
  12. IMO the best thing to do is to following jerrys thread and build your own soil. Have you grown cannabis before? If you are looking to keep it really simple buy roots organic soil and roots organic "uprising bloom" its basically the same sort of stuff you would build a good soil with. The roots organic soil will last a good 3-4 weeks then you just top dress with the uprising bloom at 2 tsp for 3-5 gal pots every 2 weeks. I have been doing this with great results.
    Still I recommend building your own mix. But if you are just starting out the method above is a great simple option. 
  13. Never grew before.   will jerrys soil mix take me thru harvest or will I have to top dress after 3-4 weeks? in your opinion....
    "After the mix has "cooked" for 3-4 weeks you are ready to plant. This will work well by just keeping your plants damp with straight water from start to finish but I use some Fish Hydrolysate, kelp and alfalfa meal teas, etc during the grow. You don't need to check pH or ppm, tds, you don't need to flush and your flowers will be oh so healthy and happy!" quote from jerry111165 april 2012 topic-  indoor gardening without bottled nutrients
    Answered my own question.......I will still need meals and teas.........but now I think I got a grip.
    even with quality soil with high quality components, you will need to "refuel" your soil. because of what the babies have taken from it.
    progress indeed.
    Thank you.
  14. "Neither is there any soil you can make that will go from seed to harvest. It would simply be too hot with added nutrients."

    I respectfully don't agree at all.

  15. FYI I have a plant right now that has been in a 3 gallon pot and is on week 16 right now and has only been kept moist with clear water. I have added Fulvic acid and silica but no added "nutrients". Keep in mind that this is also in a small pot.

    It IS simple.

  16. there it goes!!! THE MASTER SPEAKS!!
    so there IS  a high quality soil that you can make with meals, mix, minerals blah blah blah that will be able to give what a baby needs from seed to harvest with just water?!?!? (a top dress here or there, or some ACT)
    Jerry i don't doubt you for one minute... i was just waiting to be assured! Jerry now that your here would you change anything you stated in your op thread "Indoor gardening without bottled nutrients" about what to put in to make a high quality soil?  maybe add something? maybe take something away?  You stated that this soil is proven by your own experience. I will take it like that, i just thought i ask that question because i believe its been at least 3 years old.
    Thanks everyone who has some input.
  17. There is a whole thread dedicated to water only soil mixes from seed to harvest actually its just buried as nobodies poste in it for a bit ill see if i can find a link its been awhile since ive read through it

    Fyi most autoflowers can go from seed to harvest in just ffof..by the time the organic goodies are all depleted its the autos last 2-3 weeks of life and can be fine with just water and molasses mix (molasses not necessary but i advocate for it)

    It jut seems like it might be down your alley with the "seed to harvest straight out the soil bag" type of deal youre looking for
  18. Sure are!  Some of them right out of the bag are about as good. 
    If you are willing to take the time, do the work and spend a little money on things to put in it you can make soil in a couple of months that will grow the best bud it is possible to grow.  In the mean time, FFOF will do with the addition of a lot of pearlite and feeding to get any crop worth taking the time for.  But you can use FFOF, even without anything but water until you initiate flowering.
  19. Has anybody tried the stuff GC is hyping?
  20. I would like to post my first quality post to Grasscity. I know I have like about 20 this will be the first with something to give back.
    What I have learned, time and time again in life, is that in most situations in life there is no right and there is no wrong.
    You guys have just proven this again in my life, in our life. There is no wrong. There is no right. Great stuff.
    Im blasted so excuse me ... :bongin:

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