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Will eating Decarbed Bud by itself get you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kidtrippy, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. If I were to decarb my bud in the oven, take it out n sprinkle it on to something to eat or just swallowed the bud whole would it have any effects would I get high or not?
  2. Maybe, I can't say for sure. Why would you do that anyway? You could just make a firecracker lol.
  3. Your stomach would get upset from the microscopic fibers in the weed sticking to your guts. This is one reason why it is usually cooked with butter and strained.
  4. This is a buddy of mine.
    [ame=]Ganja Creator TV Episode 002:Eat 20 Grams of Ganja - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Your friend seems pretty cool lol.
  6. Is it worth the risk? make some quick firecrackers.
  7. The below, is an excerpt from a conversation that took place just yesterday over in the edible section... that's probably the best place to go searching when you have questions like these, you can usually have your answer in a few seconds. :)



    In other words if you multiply the dose really required, by several times or more, you can achieve 'some' amount of effect by eating decarbed and even inactive material alone. But usually only if your tolerance is relatively low, and your body isn't accustom to the rapid and reliable deliver of a properly made oil.

    However, the amount it takes to have you feeling 'something' in a single dose without the proper processing, when instead processed properly, you could have had as many as 5 - 10 stronger, more powerful, longer-lasting doses, due to the increased cellular permeability and bioavailability, and by using the oil of your choice to take control over the direction the cannabinoids go (liver, or lymphatic), during absorption.

    Edible cannabis can be much more powerful than smoking the same material... but only with the right processing. :) The more corners you cut, the more you will have to eat.

    the right processing, and without the 'head-start' that a little increased but gentle heat and a few hours in oil provides the glandular material, to break down, before consumption, your body simply doesn't have the time or ability to absorb much at all before it becomes too late to do so, and simply goes 'in one end, and out the other'. So you must increase the dose, so that your body may rely on the often diminished amount of material that has been activated, that can also manage to partially-latch to the lipids that may already be present in your stomach, or the edible you made. It quickly becomes a numbers game, and the vast majority of the potency in this case, goes to waste.

    This is why we have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edible stories... processing is important! So if you have to cut corners for stealth or time constraints (firecrackers, quickie-oils, other 'worst-case-scenario' edibles), be prepared to over-consume to achieve the desired result. :)

    Sorry for the long post... hope this helps! ;)
  8. It helped alot thanks man!!!
  9. You have obviously paid your dues. Would you mind pointing a student to the proper information about the way to decarb for potency?
  10. Yes. It would take about 2 hours to get high with onset about an hour and a half in. A quarter of a gram is a good starting dose and you could work up to a half of a gram If it wasn' enough.

    40 minutes in a preheated 240*F oven. Remove and let it cool. Grind it to powder using a spoon. Add it to anything edible. Fatty oils help with onset time and effectiveness. Lecithin helps it hit harder, far harder. User BrassNWooD has all the bugs worked out look up his posts...
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