Will Covid-19 debt speed up legalization in illegal states or countries

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by potfiend, May 14, 2020.

  1. I saw a comment about this and legalized gambling when all the lockdowns started.
    The government is almost giving away money to keep the economy afloat while amassing huge debt with reduced tax revenue.

    Will they turn to legalized weed / and or some forms of gambling in order to pump up their tax revenues?

    Not the way I want to see legalization happen, but I would rather have my money be part of a legal economy than part of the black market.

    What do you think?
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  2. I think it's certainly a real possibility - in fact, I've been hearing other state legislators mention that it's hard not to think about that possibility and that they are fully aware the economic benefits that would come from it. Just a matter of if they will actually act on it!
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  3. I think they will. It will be cheaper then arresting us, and make some money off the taxation through the start of an industry that was shutdown about 100 years ago depending on where you live. Plus still be front runners for innovation, etc.

    But we all seen politicians make dumber choices. :coffee:
  4. they can legalize, but why go to a dispensary, when you can grow your own?
    and its still cheaper to buy from a dealer
    than a dispensary... imho
  5. Vote out the mayor n get someone in there that’s pro cannabis if any state hasn’t done it yet their living in the past and need to go in my opinion
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    I DO grow my own...........but some people dont wanna take the chance of getting a felony for growing.....it stresses me out everyday...lol
    Thats the Republicans for ya.....

    Edit: I forgot to say that it never crossed my mind, but I am glad you posted this........its an interesting thought....possibility
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  7. It would sure help the healing of the economy.
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