will cops call home

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  1. me and my bro got stopped by the cops and found my pipe and no weed, they said they could charge me and i would have to go to court for the residue. but the cop was nice and new my parents some what, so he let us off with no fine, so whould they call my parents?
  2. they can call your house. but they dont have to.
  3. If they knew your parents they would. Your a pothead, your bad!
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    If you mean the police department or court call your house I doubt it, if he truthfully let you off the hook, then he didn't write anything down on paper or enter anything into the computer.

    But if he knows your parents, he COULD mention something to them. In which case it'd be a problem between you and your parents but not you and the law.

    Edit: But looking at your previous posts, you must not really care if you're trying to grow weed in your parents house, which is a lot bigger of a situation then being pulled over with a bowl with unknown residue in it, lol.
  5. If you're insecure about your sexuality or butthole or anything like that, you might want to start cleaning/shaving your body now. An officer will literally stare you square in the asshole before you change into the jail clothing.

    It's only a matter of days before they come by to check your piss, unless they want to catch you guys off guard...
  6. Are you old enough to be here?

    if you are it shouldnt even cross his mind

    thats not how the law works for adults

    "calling your parents" shouldnt seem like a huge deal to you if you're old enough to be here
  7. Agreeing with this.
  8. At 18, a call home to my dad from the cops would've been devastating in a lot of ways. Not everyone who is 18 has the financial means to be free from their parent's rules and perspective. In fact, the vast majority of 18 year olds can't completely exist free from their parent's support. Let's be real here... a lot of parents feel if they're still putting money down they're still in control.

    But I'm with you on doubting he's even 18.

  9. exactly, some people live with there parents until they're done with college, some parents done care about pot at all, some parents think its the devils cabbage...either way I also agree that this kid prob is not 18, but as another poster said...if your growing pot in your house...and your parents would get pissed if you had a bowl with residue in it...you have a bigger problem on your hands.

  10. No doubt! Growing is a much more of a "crime" than possession in illegal states. And if this kid has the balls to grow weed in his parents house, it's only a matter of time..... he just got lucky.
  11. If you didn't get any type of citation then who gives a fuck, just say that fat pig is lying, maybe even sue the police force for some kinda bullshit. Like failure to do their job. Although that would probably stop you from ever gettin off the hook again lol

  12. its not about living with their parents.. he shouldnt be worrying at all because once your 18 (if he is) the cops have no right to call anybody else.
  13. If you are 18+ the cops can't call anyone else (you're considered an adult), however, since you said this cop knew your parents, the worst he could do is say something to them out of uniform.

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