will an expert grower please analyze my post?

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  1. Alright I am gonna post all of my materials i am using to grow my weed. Will someone please read them and tell me if it is good to use or not and if there is a better alternative? If anyone is wondering I am growing in Southern California.

    1. 5 gallon pots - how big can a plant grow in 5 gallons?
    2. Supersoil brand potting soil - is there better soil out there?
    3. Scotts brand perlite - how much of this should I mix with the soil in the 5 gallon pot? or is there something better?
    4. Miracle Gro water soluble 15-30-15 All Purpose Plant Food - how often should I use this and at which stages of growth? or is there better fertilizer out there?
    5. PH tester - what is a good PH range for the soil?

    here is some random questions:

    6. Is the paper towel germination method a good way to start?
    7. Which seed bank is better? Emery Direct or Heaven's Stairway? Any other good ones in Canada?
    8. Does distilled water help plant growth?
    9. What is a good date to start planting in So. Cali?
    10. What is a good outdoor strain to grow in So. Cali that doesnt get too big?
    11. What is a good way to prevent insects and animals from hurting my plant?
    12. What is the easiest way to determine sex of a plant?
    13. How much sunlight should a plant get in each of the growth stages?

    If someone out there is generous and would like to help out a beginner then please post a reply


  2. good post for a newbie.. they always ask the most obvious questions that they could find the awnser to if they took about 5 mins to look it up. Ill awnser what I know.

    1. 5 gallon is perfect, I don't do soil so I don't know. Depends on strain and other factors

    4. ONE tablespoon per gallon ONLY. Don't use for at least a couple weeks, until plant is past seedling stage. Use sparingly, start at once a week, check for signs of overfert, and then increase accordingly.

    5. 6.2-6.8

    6. Yeah its awesome, it works fine for me, put it into a ziplock bag so paper towel doesnt lose moisture as fast. Don't worry about bleach, or anything fancy. Seeds are easy to germ, you could stickem into a glass and water and be successful. I find that putting the ziplock bags somewhere warm helped during the winter, but its hot now..

    7. HEAVENS STAIRWAY all the way.. emery is a greedy bitch, check out the price differences

    8. Don't worry about distilled water. The hydro guys talk about that alot, but my grows are fine with water out of the tap.

    9. sex of plant hmmm... http://www.stormloader.com/aallon/articles/phl_DeterminingGender.html

    here's some helpful links
    heavens stairway - www.hempqc.com
    cannabisworld - www.cannabisworld.com
    strain base - www.cannagenetics.com
    overgrow faqs - www.overgrow.com/faq/browse.php

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