Will Airport security take my dab tank?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Datboi007, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. I’m flying to Italy in a week and all of my family there is very VERY square. Meaning they don’t smoke, don’t know anyone who DOES smoke, and don’t want anything to do with smoking. I was wondering if anyone had any info on wether or not I could take my dab tank into my flight in my carry on with the rest of my normal vaping stuff?

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  2. Why would u risk fucking up your holiday for weed?? Unless you need it for medical reasons don't risk it..
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  3. I’d say as long as it’s 100% clean. No 420 residue u will be fine. It’s only illegal if it has drugs in it or around it. I’ve flown on a plane with a bong and a pipe. But both was 100% clean like new
  4. If ur talking about a dab pen. FUCK NO unless it’s new still n box!! Go spend 20-25$ and get a new evolve plus dab pen and take a new one.. no worries then
  5. Been flying with vapes for years now. No issues whatsoever. Just bring personal use amounts nothing crazy and they won't mess with it. This is in the US though.
  6. that is awesome to know! Although I’d be terrified to fly with weed or shatter, I have with edibles tho. The bongs and stuff I took was new and I got weed where I was going.
  7. I usually bring at least 4-5 good carts back with me when I fly down to Oregon. Not even a TSA tag in the bag last time.
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  8. Do not risk it. It's a stupid mistake. You might be fine, sure... Or you might get fucked over bad. Anyone that tells you it's not a big risk is either lying, or has gotten lucky so far, so they truely believe everyone else will be just as lucky.
  9. I used to say that too but my wife is stubborn and kept sneaking them carts over and over and after she did it 10 times I was like WTF nobody cares.
  10. Yeah man, you're my homie :) But it's an unnecessary risk in my opinion.

    Like you know, I speak my mind. But you feel free to speak yours :)

    Sounds like your wife is a keeper lmao
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  11. Also @Tbone Shuffle

    I volunteered you to a guy that wants to buy QBs again. So if you get a PM, it was me ;)
  12. I get on average about 3-4 a day so it's no big deal. I deal with them.
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