Will a black light work

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Grassmann1, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. a buddy of mine gave me a few black lights, and i was wondering if they would work if i tried to grow some pot??
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  2. no, no blacklights...
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  3. rookie.
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  4. just in case you arent, blacklights have no use in growing whatso ever. stick with your cool and warm white flouros, and HPS and MH lights..
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  5. Take the lights fishing,good to see your fishing line...lol
    No good for growing.
  6. Is a black light a UV light? If not do UV's work?
  7. i beleive so, a blacklight is a UV light....
  8. the classic mistake of the newbie-first time-grower! the kind of lights YOU want for growing,are either HPS (high pressure sodium) OR metal hialide, (MH) and the wattage all depends on the amount of plants growing,

    about 6 plants per square foot i think i heard it was?

    dont quote me on that last part, becuase the thing i read was very vague
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  9. no, you couldn't get 6 plants in 1'sq.........i usually go for 1 pot per sq foot............Peace out........Sid
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  10. i think you can plant up to 9 plants per sq. ft. in early flowering SOG techniques cant you?
  11. why dont you quit bustin on him man you where there too at one point.......
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  12. no, accually many of us read upp on what to do, before asking questions that a 3 min. search would have come up with 1000s of results saying black lights are shit....
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  13. u could put the balck lights up wen smoking but away from the grow room
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  14. Hi all, gone for a while now! been catching up on all the posts for the last week,Damn...Yee guys are legends!

    UV lights/blacklights emit light thats just out of our range of vision, above violet.You cannot see the light itself, only its effects.In a room stoned out of your tree, listening to music with the uv lights flashing on and off is a good replacement for your home entertainment system, but fairly useless for growing with.
    You're trying to re create the same light spectrum the sun emits,cos as we already know, the sun grows plants very well.
    Incandescent bulbs, 'normal cheap bulbs' emit mostly inra red so theyre useless too.
    HPS,MH,FLOROS,CFL's are the ones that emit a useable spectrum of light similar(but definitely not identical) to that of the sun, so they'll work for growing.
    1-HPS= high pressure sodium, DA BUSINESS!
    2-MH = Metal Halide, YA I GUESS SO!
    3-FLOROS = Flourescent lights, VERY USEFUL!
    4-CFL's = Compact flourescents,energy saving bulbs etc, just flouro's that can be used with a normal light socket, more compact, great for micro grow's.

    Hope that helps bud!

    PS: "educate others" Ya i agree, so instead of givin out about people asking questions that may seem foolish to YOU, post em a link or tell em to search for it, let em find out for themselves but point em in da right direction first!
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  15. Its pretty much human nature to ask questions and have the answers given to you instead of searching for answers to the questions you have.

    For the guy who posted this. I myself did research, and I'm amazed at what reading for a few hours did for my perspective and knowledge of growing. I feel confident enough I could grow, from germination to harvesting fairly easily if i had the supplies. So check out some of the links availible all over this website. or google it.
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  16. Lol this may sound stupid...But last year was my first atempt to grow some damn POT PLANTS,HHAHA.anyway,i put my plant under the sun from 7:00am-9:00pm..When i got home i put the lights under a black light in my room..and it seemed to work,well i guess a plant could go a little darkness at night anyway.
  17. hey could n e of u guys help me out there..... i have been smoking bud for sometime now and i wanted to know if i could use halogens just for the first week or so???
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  18. NO, they run too hot, and the wrong spectrum of light, check out the growguide under this post, it'll help you.........Peace out.........Sid
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  19. I can't belive this became a sticky...
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  20. ya u guys can talk all u want...why dont u look me up in the picture post and look at last summers grow i had...............

    * i had to edit this don't make me edit another..........you may have gotten some weed of sorts........, but trust me, and any other experienced growers, black light's don't work*.........Sid

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