Wild Weed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by b0nes, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. ok well i have this spot on a lake which is on the indian reservation and i was out walking around and going to my usuall smoke spot out there and i am bored and stoned so i decide to look around for some wild maryjane, and i ended up finding around 8 plants or so. the bad thing was they were almost all pretty small. i dont know if that is because they didnt get enough water or sun or because the dirt had a lot of sand it it or what.

    bc there were like 2 plants that were like under a foot probably around 6-8 inches or so and i dug it up and it actually had a descent thick root system. why would it be that small?

    then i found some that were probably around 1-2 ft tall but it was the stem and then just some leaves coming off the stem and that was it, and they looked pretty week.

    **and then some of the plants had these wierd little flower type things on the top. i never seen these things before. i broke it and there was some little things that fell out of it. do you guys have any idea what they were?**
  2. i guess it could have been that, but the leaves looked just like maryjane.

    but then a couple of those pics in that google images actually looks like maryjane to. thats some messed up shit.
  3. that looks like some retarted imbred weed :p

  4. I dont think you found weed dude i think your wishing to hard.

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