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Discussion in 'General' started by PIPSI, May 22, 2004.

  1. can you trip off of lil mushrooms that are just like growin in ur lawn? a frind of mine said he did it and was trippin balls but i dont really believe it

  2. Never know til you try....ha, not really. I really doubt you could, the mushrooms have to also be dried before you could conceivably trip off them. If i were you i'd call his bluff.
  3. NO! dont just go around finding random mushrooms in your yard and eat them. You can get VERY sick and have horrible and painful kidney damage for the rest of your life if you eat the wrong ones. The only psychoactive mushrooms are the ones that contain psilocybin, and most psilocybin mushrooms are not just growing in your lawn. Before you eat anything please buy a field guide to mushrooms and read up on the internet about hunting for shrooms. also.. they dont have to be dried
  4. dude, ok here is what you do... and this is straight from a farmer (myself):

    Feed Black Angus cattle a shit load of salt licks for a few weeks, when they shit, place a stake in the ground so you can come back later and find it. Wait a few weeks (3-4) and look for mushrooms with red tops and little white spots that look like the ends of a pop-corn kernel. They will be poping out of the shit of corse.

    Collect about 5 heads and dry them out either in the air for 3 days, or bake them in the oven untill they become very dry and stiff.

    Eat, than chill out!
  5. please dont go out eating wild mushroom sunless you now excatly what you are doing. I had a friend who was studing funguses and thought he knew a certain kind of mushrrom. He picked and ate them as food, not to trip butended up being hospitalized. and these where only mildly poisonous...

  6. do you own cattle? or do you just sneak around feeding some farmers cows salt while marking their shit?
  7. Man, unless you're with an experienced mushroom hunter, every mushroom is nothing but an LBM (little brown mushroom). there are such minute differences between strains of mushrooms that no amateur can identify a mushroom properly without serious texts and a buttload of luck.

  8. lol why shouldnt he?
  9. definitely dont do that...some strains can only be identified as different on a microscopic level
  10. Don't do it...just listen to above posts...

    ive only ate wild mushrooms once, picked em in a parking lot :D liberty caps Aka blue ringers, the stems turned blue after drying and they smelt heavily like cubensis..

    dont pick then wild unless you know what your doing

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