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Wild chiltepin harvest

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by 1God777, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Hi I'd like to show these beautiful pepper plants off growing wild in my backyard 20171124_151405.jpg 20171124_151410.jpg 20171124_151416.jpg 20171124_151421.jpg 20171124_151431.jpg 20171124_151437.jpg 20171124_151445.jpg
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  2. Very cool. Are they a hot or a sweet pepper?
    I'd be afraid to harvest and consume wild peppers. They're in the same family as nightshade and that grows wild everywhere in my area. I have to really watch close when I'm picking mint and volunteer tomatoes.
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  3. Those peppers aren't poisonous they taste hot not super hot .I never heard of a pepper being poisonous .I read books about tomatoes a tomato plant leaves roots stems are poisonous everything except the fruit for a lot of centuries man always thought they were poisonous the early Aztecs grew tomatoes
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  4. Not afraid of the peppers. The nightshade grows in and around my wild tomatoes and mint. It looks very similar and the sap from the leaves and branches is toxic. If I get sap on the mint it will give me a mean case of the shits for a couple days. Unfortunately I know this from experience.
  5. OH damn yeah I see the mint leaves you grow some delicious stuff I grew dill,sweet basil,cilantro before I know that mints awesome though

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