Wierd thing's you do stoned?!

Discussion in 'General' started by DailyDealer, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Well i am wondering is there anything you guys do when your stoned? for some reason every time i get stoned i can drink literally a whole gallon of milk. i love milk!

  2. watch the smurfs or play majoras mask for hours
  3. haha yea i drink milk and play halo reach
  4. Sometimes well i guess its munchies but i ALWASYS eat exzactly 5 butterfingers and 10 pay days. Like everytime i smoke haha
  5. violently masterbate
  6. haahah BEAT IT!!
  7. i waste gas in my car by driving aimlessly >.>
  8. Idk if you consider this weird or not but often times ill smoke and then pass out and when I wake up I'm out on the patio covered in blood
  9. I always stroke my beard when I'm high. I never do it while I'm not (then again there's not been that much time recently where I haven't been high).
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    Thissss!!! Lol

    And many more things that just pop into my head.. I'll run tons of errands too unless I'm home chillin then I'll play some FIFA or COD but yeah.. Damn 2 more days til I get my fix haha :))))))))
  11. Angry Birds!
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    HA! Me too!
  13. For some reason when I get high I CANNOT stop smiling. It gets to the point where it pisses me off, and it's not just any small smile it's a big ass grin. For 12 years I've had this. I don't mean that I smile like 24/7 when I'm high, it usually just happens when my mind wanders and I'm spacing out.
  14. Ren and Stimpy!

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