Wierd/Self conscious people.

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  1. Anyone else know a weird minded person, that just annoys you to think about them? I know a couple. I'm just ranting, but, my brothers girlfriend... Is so fucking weird. The way she acts, makes me cringe. I try to accept her, because she's my brothers girlfriend and everything, but I can't. She's not okay with weed, which is enough to make me hate someone already. and, just lives by stereotypes and society. (plus she's ugly. real ugly). I also have a friend that is just clueless about life. He's almost 21 years old, and he lives with his mom(not only lives with, but depends on). Like, mama's boy syndrome to the max. He got his bong stolen, because of his carelessness(letting a separate group of people at "his party" pass around his bong). He's currently not smoking right now, because he went to a psychiatrist and she told him he should stop smoking. He doesn't understand that those people just say what he wants to hear. So, i guess I'm done with my high rant. Anyone else have any similar dumb ass people in their life?
  2. What do you mean "weird minded"? "weird" people are simply different, and there aint nothin wrong with that.. its cool that you dont enjoy the company of someone, but that doesnt make em weird..

    lol and you added self conscious people in the thread title but i didnt see any example of it in ur post..

    Are you self conscious?
  3. There's way more things to explain about the girl. I just didn't want to bitch, to much.
  4. Well bitch away cousin..

    Outta all the shit you said about her I didnt see a reason to hate her.. except bein ugly.. that shits unforgivable.
  5. I don't hate her, I just don't understand why my brother is with her. Whenever she walks past me, she stares at the floor, or wall, ETC. She always talks about how other girls are ugly, or points out flaws, when she has no room at all to do so. It seems to me like she's to self conscious to enjoy anything but what society displays as "what you're supposed to do". Not sure if you know what I mean.
  6. AGREED. :devious:

    Sometimes it's hard to take into account all of the things that make people who they are. Try to make a habit out of understanding instead of ridiculing them.
  7. Well maybe she dont feel comfortable around you? You dont exactly sound like the accepting type, ya kno?

    Shes obviously not all that weird and shelled in if shes datin your brother.. but im guessin you havent tried talkin to her? Helpin her warm up to you? It takes time with some people and people are different.. I mean i can walk into a room and talk to anybody.. and it can be intimidating to some people, but it just takes a little talkin to them to warm em up to you.
  8. I mean, i chit chat and bullshit with her whenever. Like, I'm not at all disrespectful. I'm basing my "studies" off of what I see/hear. If I wanted to, I could be her best pal, as long as I didn't do anything "out of the normal".
  9. Just find ways to ease her into your lifestyle. Don't blatantly spark up a doob in front of her or anything, simply ask her if it would be okay if you could. I doubt there's anything wrong or weird about her, she's just a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious. Then again, who isn't?
  10. I don't know dude. If I asked her, she'd probably be like "Go ahead, i don't care" and cry about it later. She went to a private/catholic school her whole school-life, so... that's the only reason I can see, for her being so weird(at least in my eyes).
  11. Yea, just do you.. dont be afraid to talk about what you wanna talk about around her cause she might not like it.. shell either disagree and not judge, or shell be a judging bitch and in that case you aint gotta worry about warmin her up to you anyway cause it aint worth it..
  12. This.

    It's best to think of a conflict as an opportunity to learn. just dive into the water and you'll be certain of it's depth.
  13. She's for sure a "judging bitch".
  14. For sure, for sure. I'm willing to show my true side. But, my brother gets bitchy and whatnot(because she bitches at him about it later). I ALWAYS bring up the topic of weed in some shape or form. (legalization, health effects, whatever pops in my head as a result of a idiotic comment) and, all I'll get out of it, is, ":rolleyes:" or "you're such a stoner".
  15. Well shit, this is easy then.. dont fuck with her.
  16. Yeah, that's what i've been doing. I just wanted to post about it, because she's over right now. And, i wanted to high rant/start a convo. haha. I'm just hoping my brother isn't stupid enough to marry her.(she talks about marriage frequently, probably as much as I talk about Mary J).
  17. Oh ight haha.. glad we got this issue resolved
  18. Hmm ugly ay? I wana see A pic dude!

  19. If you wanted ugly, you should have looked at your avatar. :laughing:

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