wierd growth whats up??

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  1. i am growing 4 plants right now 3 of them i aquired the seeds from some pretty good bud there now about 3 months old and about 2 1/2 feet tall thoes all have 7 leaves on each stem my problem is my big plant its about 3 1/2 feet tall i was givin this plant when it was in bad health i changed out the soil and gave it the same nutes im givin the other ones but the big plants leaves are growing in clusters all together and there are only 3 leaves on each individual instead of 7 like my others. the leaves are also all smaller than the ones on my other plants but the plant itself is much bushier. what is goin on with the growth of my plant?
  2. a pic will do really good......

  3. I'm guessing the plant that was sick probably lost all it's big fan leaves, and the leaves you are seeing from the new grow tips , hence the bushyness, are just doing what I've seen many of my plants do. That is, the only large "fan" leaves are produced on the main stem. The leaves produced by the "tips" that grow out from the main stem only have three blades. I have seen plants in bud, sativas especially, produce only one bladed leaves. Here is a pic of a plant with three bladed leaves on all the tops, what you don't see is below this, there are large "fan" leaves growing out from the main stem. IMHO what you are seeing is natural. Anyway, here's the pic........look like yours?

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  4. yea it does actually thanks. i wasnt sure if that was was happening but that is what it looks like. i guess i got it back to good health. thanks. and ill have pics up in a few days i got to get my digital fixed

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