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  1. :hello:hey
    i want to start my first indoor grow...but im still a little unsure as to what kind of set-up i should have:confused:
    i have roughly a 33" wide 47" long 10' tall closet space.........umm with no door by the way:eek:
    is this a sufficient space to grow buds under HID lighting or would i be better off building a big-ass grow box:rolleyes::confused:
    :smoke: any thoughts or comments would be more than apreciated guys:smoke:
  2. that should be ok, but you really need a door bro, to reflect light and also to prevent light getting to the plant when it needs its dark period. the light should be fine depending on the wattage. But the door is vital
  3. i see.... now would i get a bigger all around yeild by using the availible closet space.....or would the grow box be a better way to go?
    hell, I could build a giant six foot cube like thing if i needed to
  4. !!!closet or box!!!
    !!!wich is it guys!!!
  5. lol i would go for the closet if you can get a door for it
  6. instead of a door could i get like a thick covering of mylar to hang over where the door should be?
  7. That would be fine, just make sure you weight the bottom of the sheet so it stays in place instead of just flapping around.

    I'd put a 1000W light in that closet, mylar all the walls and use the whole room. You'll most likely need an air cooled reflector and a fan but well worth it.
  8. a 1000 wat hps!!! in that space???
    are u sure i wouldnt burnt my house down??
    im all for it but another thing is i cant just be drilling ventalation holes for air ducts in any of my walls, so thats why i considered the box.....so the thought of a 1000 watt HPS in that space with no serious venting is only leading to fire with me
  9. a 600W will work, but if you have no door then you can vent where the door should be. Just make sure you have an air-cooled reflector and a good fan- you should be fine. I've run a 1000W in a 3' W x 4' L x 8' H area before with only two 6" ecoplus 440cfm fans- one for air cooled, one for ventilation.

    The deciding factor is how serious are you and how much do you want to grow. If the answer is very serious and you want a lot, you will need a lot of light. More weight = more light.
  10. good question i needed to know as well. But where would i buy mylar and is it easy to use?
  11. Build a huge grow box fuck this closet bullshit its a waste of time
  12. I did the closet thing twice in a large open walk in. Then I moved a bunch and I regret not building a box when I had the time. If you think you might be moving around in the future or if you quit gardening you could sell your box to a friend.
  13. but with my demension of closet space, would i be better of building the box or going with the closet
  14. listen i dont know which of the two would be a better choice, but conisder this if u get stuck...

    If you choose to not do the growbox and have no way of adding a real door, think about getting black out material (like tarp plastic type stuff) from your hardware store, lining it with mylar on the inside (as easy as taping or fastening it up), weighting the bottom so it doesnt flap, and pinning one side of it to the wall to prevent light breaches
  15. just go to Ikea or Home Depot and buy a cabinet to put in there. with that much room in the closet, you could fit something in there easily. plus you can move it easily, use it for soemthing else if you get over growing in it, and it doesnt look as conspicuous as having a closet with a Mylar door (hahaha, silly).

    for mylar, just go to walmart or something similar and buy an emergency blanket for camping. it will work very well, and it costs about 2 bucks, and itll be like 6 feet by 5 feet or something huge.

    i got a cabinet, small one albeit, for about 40 bucks. you could get a larger (taller) one for probably 60-75 bucks.

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