whys it gotta be like this! help please =)

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  1. are these plants sick or am i just trippin? the new growth is really bright green and some of the leaves are kinda curled inwords. Tried searching, and found all sorts of comflicting info, so if any one can help :confused_2::smoking:

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  2. i believe your pH is too acidic for your plants to properly absorb phosphorus and magnesium. get your pH in the correct range(6.4-6.8 for soil, 5.6-6.0 for hydro). if the problem still persists a week after correction, it is a magnesium and phosphorus deficiency.
  3. Nice! I hope that is the problem.. I have not had a ph tester for this whole 2 months of veg, I'm going to pick one up this weekend. I used a little test kit for the first time this last feeding, hopefully it got me in the ball park. And I'm using coco
  4. Also had to switch nutes ( organic to synthetic ) so up have been feeding them water for a week of feedings to get them flushed
  5. with coco you want a hydro range. yea dont add any more nutrients until you get a pH tester.

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