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  1. Why are bongs so damn expensive?
  2. u can buy plastic one in the GC store for like 6 bucks
  3. I can't buy online local head shop is like 40 for a little one

  4. 40 isnt expensive.......thats cheap for a bong. average is 300-500 sorta expensive is 600-900 and expensive is 1000+
    its so much because of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.
  5. Well if your prepared to ask why, then are you prepared to ask yourself this...why not? Lol sorry, I'm just really not sober :D
  6. You wont be asking that question after you hit a high quality hand blown bong.
    Everything about it is so much better. Bigger hits, less harshness, overall they get you more high.

    And honestly I love getting a new piece and seeing how big of a hit I can take and just watch the smoke explode out of my mouth.

    They are a whole new way of smoking, its unlike ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

    Try going 50/50 with one of your mates / roommate or sibling. Makes it a lot more affordable.

    But if I'm going to be 100% honest the difference between a 20$ pipe and a 60$ bong is... Well massive. Its worth it. Invest in some glass.
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    Yeah thats what me and 2 of my buddys are doing. It turn a 150 dollar bong into a 50 dollar one. And we all get to experience it together. There is nothing that builds a friendship better than buying a bong together :D

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