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  1. I sometimes smoke mj to release stress and anger. The rest of the time its just for the hell of it. Why do you?
  2. Um... to get stoned.
  3. Same as KronosX, but at different times I get different degrees of stoned. Sometimes I just need enough to calm me down, sometimes a bit more to chill me out so I can sit and listen to music, and other times I just get caned so I can have a laugh with mates.
  4. gotta agree with fup
    sometimes...i am just home...sitting, with nothing to do...and i got some green in a small box, and i think wot the fuck...i might as well roll it, so i do...and not get stoned or anything....i just roll it cuz i am bored....i will light it up...have a puff or 2, and then let it dye out....ffor no reason....just cuz of boredom
    i guess its like cake lying in the fridge....if its there u will want to eat it...not all of it...just taste it, and know its still there
    i guess this is why they call it being phsycologically addictie, and npt physically...
    wot do u guys say?
  5. Sometimes for fun, Sometimes for pain!! :D: :smoking:
  6. i smoke to get high


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