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  1. Why did only some of the elements combine to make chemicals while we as humans have been able to create so many new ones? In other words, how come the elements didn't combine by themselves when so many others did?
  2. because they probably come from different parts of the world and couldn't have touched before until human interaction.
  3. We have an awesome ability now to control chemical environments, we can super heat, pressurize, add various solvents, throw neutrons at stuff all just to create new chemicals/atoms

  4. Because we weren't around to see them even if they did combine.
  5. Exactly what the person above said.
    Most of the elements wouldn't have come into contact with each other under the proper conditions without human interference to bring about marked changes.

  6. Key word there being "marked".
  7. Yep.

    I don't doubt for one second that there is so much out there that we still don't understand, haven't documented, or just don't have the intelligence to understand.

    We're just beginning and there is too much still to be discovered and explored.

  8. Just beginning... when will we end?

    I always thought beginnings have ends.

  9. I don't know when we'll end, but I've always been told: 'Begin at the beginning and keep going until you come to the end.'

    Scientific exploration has been around for thousands of years, but I think it will take billions for humans to have [if we are ever able to actually have] an intelligent grip on scienctific fact, so regardless of when our end may be, I believe that we've only just begun.

  10. And you believe humans will live billions of years?

    Hmm... well, that's chill I guess.

    I don't usually go with what I've been told. I go with what I tell others.

  11. No, I don't believe that we'll be around for billions of years at all, not even close.

    I think you're missing what I'm saying. I'm saying that despite what we do know and what we have discovered, we still barely know anything in the grand scheme of things and thus, we are only at the beginning of understanding.

    Whether or not we make it as a species long enough to truly understand science, nature, the universe, space, religion, ect is irrelevant.

  12. Is that so?

    Then tell me why we put money into things like NASA when we have hungry people.

    Please, tell me that.
  13. I'm talking about to this post.

  14. Not sure I understood that. Could you clarify please?
  15. You asked me a question out of the context of what I was saying.

    I don't mean it's irrelevant to our survival, I mean that it's irrelevant to my believing we're only at the beginning of understanding and scientific exploration.

  16. I disagree.

    Let me show you why.

    It's relevant because if we're never going to have a complete understanding, and if we're always going to fill in the cracks of our theoretical knowledge with bullshit, then we're spending a lot of money on a worthlessly religious enterprise: science. We will never have a complete, objective picture, and yet we're trying to have one instead of trying to feed the people and give them good, respectful, and dignified lives?

    I think that's sick. I hope you're as sick of sickness as I am, and that you were being flippant about what you said above.

    Now you see how it ties in perfectly.
  17. whisky. BK likes to get off topic all the time. Just play his game. ;):p

    Bk, The reason why we put money on NASA cause we want to expand our knowledge about space and space exploration. If we never had cold war, I doubt that we'll be using satalites and still think that the moon is cheese. ;)

    Human population is increasing dramically. At some point, we'll run out areas to live and we have to build upwards. (On the 3rd part of the starwars movie, The entire world is one city. that could/may/will happen) So I think NASA done a good job so far, we could be living in space in 100 years if we continue to support NASA or other space companies.

    The starvation, we have enough food for entire world even for starvation people. I still don't understand why at some remote areas, they are starving to death and still can't get food from others. :confused_2: Can they just stop begging and start working on the farms so they can get food and try get help from other county/states visa versa?
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    What was off-topic about my post, wackdeafboy? Spell it out for me.

    I'd like to see you work on a non-agribusiness-owned farm for a day. Maybe if you weren't holding onto an Xbox 360 controller making arrogant comments about beggars you could.

  19. This isn't off topic. We go away from the point then back to the point. anyways.

    I done farming, My 2 uncle are farmers and I helped them out. It's hard work but it paid off and it makes you feel happy at end of the day. I have a garden in my backyard too.

    Like I said, There still starving people out there that can't get food. Why can't we sent it to them since we're over-producing food??
  20. Well I think that while we may never completely understand there are too many parts of science that may be or are beneficial to us, improves our quality of life and our general knowledge, all of which are important.

    However, I think that instead of focusing on things like living on Mars, we should be focusing on ways for us to survive on this planet, when people are dying from horrendous disease, wars and famine.

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