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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. they call it an 8-track when there were only 4 tracks on it?

    That has buggedd me for many years....

    Super joint, how much is the rolling machine in USDOllars?

  2. All price are in dollars ....You don't see?
  3. I see OK but the short term memory is not function at 100% momentatrily....
  4. That is why I said that the prices were kick ass in another post!

  5. Ummm, I'll have some of what HE's smokin! Heya Popsy, didja ever find that cool pipe for Mrs P? I know I saw one similar to what you are looking for at Happy Pipes, but that was a while ago, don't know if it's still around or not.
  6. Its the summer batch fresh from the farm.

    Another two things he needs in the shop is that candy cane pipe and a eleectric guitar and amp for about $250. Because that's two things I am going to get my wife for her birthday. And if they were here I wouldn't have to look everywhere.....
  7. why.... do drive up ATMs have brail?
    why.................... do people supersize there meal that have 967845 grams of fat then order a diet coke?
    why.. as a punisment community service? your punishment is to do good! oh no! i have to do good??
    why... can you join the ARMY and learn how to use weapons and kill people with 2 fingers at the age of 18 but you can't drink untill your 21??
  8. Why am I sitting here staring at this forum.
  9. Why kees? I just hope you feel right now as good as I felt last night when I started this thread.

    This is going to be a fun couple of months coming up with the new summer crop coming off the cure. Lot's better than last springs crop.

  10. I feel excellent, that's the problem. I want to go out, but duty calls.

  11. What....ya gotta pee ? ;)

  12. No, I wanted to go to the Vondelpark, having a picknick and smoking a joint. And the duty is sitting behind a desk with a computer.
  13. Aw, man, bummer. Our hard drive at work crashed, so I'm home for a few hours today until the tech gets us up and running. So here I sit playing on the computer at home! I like your picnic and joint idea...let's GO!

  14. I have the food and smoking stuff already in my bag. Will you bring some wine with you?
  15. You know it!!! A good Chardonnay sounds nice. Damn work, it sure interferes with our lives, doesn't it.
  16. thanks woody. i didnt smoke anything.
  17. there is a critter loose

  18. Nothin funnier to an ol' stoner than another ol' stoner!

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