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why ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DopeGame, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. why is it called kief and not what it actually is,thc chrystals? where did this originate from?

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    Looks like it's derived from the Arabic word Kaif or Kayf which means pleasure. 
    <span>1808, from Arabic </span><span><span>kaif </span></span><span>"well-being, good-humor." Specifically, state of dreaming intoxication produced by smoking cannabis; </span><span><span>dolce far niente.</span></span>
    kef (kif, keɪf, kɛf) also kief

    n. (in the Middle East)
    1. a state of drowsy contentment, esp. from the use of a narcotic.
    2. a substance, esp. a smoking preparation of hemp leaves, used to produce this state.

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    In the UK and most parts of Europe, it is called crystals. In the US, I'd speculate that they used the word described above in order to prevent confusion with certain unmentionables

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    It is only about 30-40% thc so that could be a reason

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