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    So I've been partying with my friends for the past few hours. 3 joints, another god knows how many bowls out the Medicali, and some Keystones drank during pong and cards at a friends house.

    Get back to my friends where we normally smoke at, and decide to just chill for a bit then call it a semi early night.

    Well I get home and I'm kinda bored so I figure what the hell I'll roll a J and just watch people roll by my house after the bars.

    Get the J rolled, nice lil guy for my face. Fuck, just realized that I left my lighter at my buddies. No lighters at home. No matches. Well I could light it off the stove, but my roomy is on the couch, and while that's NBD, his sister is staying over cuz they hit the bars earlier. Not sure if she's down so I didn't really want to stink up the downstairs.

    So I figure, hey I'll just blaze in my car out back. Got that 5% tint, so you can't see up in my window. Get in the car, and there is no cig lighter in it. Not in the glovey. So fuck, now what am I going to do?

    So I post up with a Keystone out front my house and wait for people to walk by. Eventually a guy and girl walk by, and he says what's up?

    I'm like hey man do you have a light? Looks at the girl and she pulls out a lighter. Thank god. So I'm like hey man you smoke? He's like reefer after he sees the J I just pulled out my pocket. I'm like yeah. He's like for sure man, I left my sack 3 hours away at home and could use a little smoke.

    So we burn the J on my front porch, just make some small talk. The girl is like just chillin, I'm say hey you want a hit? She's like I smoke but I'm not sure if I want to. Well after she sees this nice J get passed back and forth a few times she obviously wants a hit. She had a few nice puffs.

    The dude complemented me on my roll, and said this is some pretty smooth stuff you got :D We even ended up knowing a mutual person because he wrestled with the kid I know from back home.

    They went on their way and I said, I need another beer.

    So I wanted to pass some love among the blades. Look out for your peeps, and they will look out for you!

  2. sounds sweet man its always fun to blaze with new people and for them to get a free blazin haha
  3. lol where im from people would say hey where did u get the balls to look at my girl... Where tell me which store where :p hahaha
  4. Sharing is caring.
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    half the people walking down my street would rob me for my joint/anal cherry.

    Well i probably wouldn't get raped, but you get my point.

  6. :eek:
  7. I like your style those sesiions are the best.
  8. Haha word even last night I met a random kid at a party and we went and torched a bowl out back.

    I love the reciprocity of weed!!!
  9. Weed has the power to bring people together, and you often learn so much from the people you meet. I always share my buds, probably the reason I'm always broke but i never regret it. :smoking:
  10. haha +rep for making me remember a song i listened to in middle school :hello:
  11. good job +rep
  12. Good job, it feels good to help strangers get high

  13. Still Tippin??lol im sure thats it;)
  14. Good stuff man.
  15. sounds tight

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