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Why wouldnt Edibles work for me?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RollinindaRoyce, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So i have been living in Oregon for a couple months and grew up in So Cal. I have been smoking constantly for the past 4 years. I am now 19 and still smoke just its higher class shit now. I have had all kinds of edibles too. I have had some from the clubs in Cali and up here too. I have had some that my dealer gets from an old lady who mass cooks edibles for a club. I have also had them homemade with bomb hash oil, Triple strength shit too. But they have never hit me. I never felt a thing. I prefer to smoke anyway it just sucks though. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    They are too weak.Do NOT buy a pound of trim and put it in your crock pot with four sticks of butter. Add just enough water to cover both, then put on the lid. Cook on low for 24 hrs, and strain when done(throw away trim). Put the liquid back into the now cleaned crock pot dish and re cover. Put into the fridge for 12hrs(or untill done) Once cold the butter will cool and form a layer on top of the water. Discard the water. Your now left with very green butter that will knock you and your grandma on your asses. This recipe is WAY too strong. I do not recomend anyone try this!
  3. My mom says edibles have never done anything for her. I'm determined to make one that does though. :devious: I get smashed for like entire days on the littlest bits of edibles. lol
  4. They don't work for me either.
    Only twice in my life have i gotten high off of any kind of edible.
  5. everything affects everyone differently my cousin doesnt feel edibles either. maybe they lack an enzyme?
  6. I think edibles are a lot more effective with decarbed weed. Whenever I hear people didn't get high on edibles it seems like they also didn't decarb.
  7. Edibles never work for me. I wish they did : /

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