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Why would you want to grow?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by camram, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Personally, I really like being able to visit mmj centers. Not all the experiences are the best but everytime it's like going to a candy shop. Plus, the one's you go to the most you kind of build up like a little family.

    Growing is too complicated. The more and more I learn about cannabis, the more I realize how talented really good growers are.
  2. Having the ability to smoke and vape as much bud as you want is always a nice thing.
  3. I feel like I have the same ability without growing...
  4. You pay much more if you don't grow. No one's wallets are bottomless... lol
  5. Ever heard the term 'Unlimited supply of weed'?

    It's fine if you haven't. Honestly.
  6. C'mon you have to be smoking a ton of weed if it's not just easier to buy it
  7. Now that's a stupid question
  8. I get my supply for under 200 an oz. think that's sweet deal enough.
  9. tommy chong is said to always have at leasr a pound in his home at all times
  10. Tommy Chong is a creative genius but I cannot think of one reason for him to have that much.
  11. to have a good amount without waisting much money, just for the fun of it, maybe make some money in return, see what you can do with such a special seed, smoke what YOU grew, etc :cool: :D!!!
  12. First of all, you can have an amazing supply of strains without setting foot in a club. In my garden I have
    Headband Kush
    Green Crack
    Purple Urkle
    Cotton Candy
    Lemon Trainwreck
    and some no name strains. Not a bad variety if you ask me.

    My last crop was
    Sour Diesel
    Orange Crush
    Headband Kush
    and Pineapple Kush

    Now for the reasons I like to grow -
    1)Knowing how to grow good weed and having seeds is important for if the government ever shuts down all the clubs. I will continue to have dank no matter what happens in the world
    2)I used to spend more money on bud than I did on a mortgage for a 6 bedroom home.
    3)I'm a medical user and like to know that my buds are grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals. I do trust my local canna club, and I really enjoy going there in between crops. They are like family to me, but I can see them to get clones, edibles, and hash, while still growing my own buds and saving tons of money. If I had an endless supply of money, I would still want to grow.
    4)I actually enjoy gardening. It's good for my health and keeps me active.
  13. I am a medical user, too. The more I get involved in the medical community, you find growing is hard if you do it right. Just to accurately identify harmful molds takes more experience than the average green thumb.
  14. Well you learn as you grow. Er ah, I mean learn as you go.

    I love getting online and reading the growing forums and learning all about how to grow great bud. I love watching my plants grow. I've had some problems along the way. I started out growing in a closet and had heat problems. Then I moved outside and used too small of buckets and had to water every day, sometimes twice. I got spider mites and had to deal with that. But I've learned from all those problems and now I can easily grow buds as good as anything in the clubs. It's a good feeling to harvest your own crop, lets just say that. Growing isn't for everyone, and I get that you aren't into it, but I love it.
  15. im not in a mmj state. but i have a constant flow of dank thanks to autoflowering plants. its really not hard at all once you get used to it. plus i have like 8 different strains in my garden.
  16. you know what products are being used when you grow. if your not the grower you really have no idea what gos into your plants, if theyre flushed right, grown without diseases. not all of the products out there are safe. its a quality control thing for me
  17. I'm not by any means a good grower but my bud turns out dank enough that I do not need a club. In fact from what I'm seeing my buds are simply stellar compared to the club.

    I did not invest a mad amount of money, what I did do however was invest a lot of time and attention.

    I read about each deficiency and plant needs. When I thought I was having problems I was not afraid to ask people here and a buddy who has been growing for a long time.

    You have to be able to absorb and understand.

    I've learned a lot, I'm still learning but for my first time and less then $50 on grow supplies (not nutes nutes were $50 just themselves)

    My buds look pretty dank IMO

    yea I admit they are not the most filled in I also know where I made some mistakes along the way. With all that said, this is MY BUD that I grew.. its satisfying rewarding + you get all the trim to go make whatever you want with.

    There is a lot growing a plant will teach you in general... I'm addicted to maximum yeild magazine just because i like reading about all these ways I can apply different things to get different results.. I'm even growing my own peppers in a separate area now all because of growing cannabis.

    Its given me something that I can look after and care for and in a way its made me happier to be able to have just a few plants and take care of them, i'm sure each and every harvest will be exciting there are things that come and go and you will learn from it all.

    I enjoy my meds, to be able to produce them when I'm unemployed and i find it hard to get work as it seems employers must be able to see my previous L&I suit and are scared to hire me now? I dunno either way at least i can afford to keep my neck under control instead of going even more into the hole because of flexoril and pain pills.

    My only question is, why would a person not grow if able to?

  18. I've enjoyed reading about growing so much lol. I can't wait to start my own, everything comes into place when I move into my place in a few weeks. I shall start !
  19. I think I kind of touched on that in my original post. No hard feelings. I guess some people like to grow and some don't (or just me) haha
  20. green crack, lemon kush, sour diesel. omgggggggg ur a fkn lucky man

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