Why would Iran want a Nuke?

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    U.S. Military Bases in the Middle East.

    But the TV box told me its because they want to blow up Israel!! Yeah that's gotta be it.


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqDy6H1bEQs"]Bush 2[/ame]

    Anything ringing a bell?
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    There will no doubt be some warmongering islamic-genocide advocating people to come in here and defend the absurd notion that we should bomb and invade people that can barely fend for themselves, living under the rule of a regime that we installed previously.

    * grabs bag of popcorn*
  3. Who wouldnt want a nuke ?
  4. Why doesn't the US government try to talk to Iran?
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    Because bush and Obama are tough guys and don't negotiate with terrorists
  6. Why should we care, last time I looked we had enough nukes of our own to solve these types of problems.
  7. trouble is...we still have yet to defeat the 'terrorist'...why...well it's simple...we are too busy invading and occupying countries under pretense of ensuring the USA has democracy...:rolleyes:

    I'm still not sure on how that works, we hold countries hostage with our armed forces that each has enough fire power to do a 'scorched earth' thing in each case, and some how this is doing something to defeat the terrorist that came out of SAUDI ARABIA...(one place we have yet to invade and occupy). while preserving our 'democracy' that is a facade due to a corrupt political and election system.:confused:

    If I had just a tiny nuke, oh say, 1 megaton, I'd attach a killman switch to it and have each seat in congress wired, plant it dead center in the house of congress,...master control hooked up to an approval poll rating of congress. Anyone tries to leave 'work' before recalling all troops, cutting their own expense (cut pay and benefits by 80%, [they are already wealthy and should be there to serve, not exploit the USA], exemptions of family from paying back loans..i.e..any and ALL perks) and paying off the debt they created, or their polls sinking to far...then BOOM...DC is a pile of ash.:eek::devious::hello:

    Ya, I am sure you all will shed a few tears.... for the monuments of the founding fathers being lost, but we can rebuild those.:p

  8. Guy....I needed a laugh today.....and YOU DID IT!! THANKS!!!
  9. Great post. Nice cartoons.
  10. So, Israel and Iran are pretty much sworn enemies.. right? I'm under the assumption that its because of religious reasons, I have to do more research on that, but the fact is:

    You have an enemy, they dislike you because of your religion, you dislike them because of theirs. They have a nuclear weapon. You don't. If I were Iran, I'd want one too for security reasons..

    There are tons of developing countries, and all of the developed countries have nuclear capabilities. These developing countries will want nuclear capabilities to protect themselves, what are we going to deny all of them the chance to discover nuclear?

    That simply won't work.
  11. Iran doesn't hate Israel because they are Jews, they hate them because they are seen as a foreign invader and proxy for the US. Iran has the second largest Jewish population in the middle east.

    The US overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and instilled a brutal dictator. Since the 1979 Revolution Iran has severed all relationships with the US and Israel and boycotts the state, calling Israel "The Little Satan".

    Israel hates Iran because they fund Palestinian groups that are fighting against the state of Israel.

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  13. Thank you. That cleared it up lol.

  14. They'll certainly invite them over for tea and crumpets. ;)


  15. Thanks for another good laugh today....I need it.:hello:

  16. That's hilarious.

  17. [​IMG]

    MIC, Other Corporate Interests, special interest groups, lobbyists, etc. Really take your pick.

    A war with Iran would be big business.
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  19. disgusting lol

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