Why wont my seeds germinate?!?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by peyote4me22, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. ive had my seeds in a wet napkin in a warm spot, and this is the third day and im not seeing ANYTHING happening......idk what the problem is...

  2. is it in a dark place as well?

    where did you get the seeds?
  3. dark place and the last 8th i bought

  4. the seeds may not be viable? but some seeds can take up to a week to germinate -- leave them alone though... the more you both them with checking on them -- the less likely they are to germ.
  5. alright

    does it have to be a dark place?
  6. If you're using bagseed, I'd recommend just collecting a whole mess of them and trying to germ them. Odds are you'll at least get a few, and no waste in throwing those other plants out because you really didn't pay for specifically the seeds
  7. Might just take a while. They will crack down the sides before sprouting. I've germinated 5+ year old bag seeds that have taken a week, but eventually popped out.

  8. yep - you're trying to replicate nature

    1. Warm: as if the sun is warming the earth (that sounds hippyish :)
    2. Moist: as if spring rains have started to fall
    3. Dark: as if it is under the soil.
  9. hmm i see..... i guess ill have to buy another bag and save all the seeds
  10. no need to start over - they're not ruined. Just put them in a drawer somewhere and check them again in 48+ hours.
  11. alright thanks for all the help

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