Why won't my POS scale calibrate?

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  1. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section!

    My fusion diablo scale (model no FP-75) is not working correctly. A month after I purchased it, I went to use it (just like always) and an "x" displayed when I turned it on and it wouldn't weigh anything out--the x just stayed there. I just bought a 50.0g weight to calibrate it, hoping that would fix the problem, but the 50.0 doesn't stop flashing and "PASS" never appears...even after mins; does anyone have any advice or know how to fix my scale?
  2. Bump same problem.
  3. The answer is probably that is broken.

    But Im sure you didnt want to hear that lol.

    I spent I think like 8 bucks on a scale from amazon, and it measures in .1 gram increments

    never had a problem with it and I've had it for about 5 months now. better off just cutting your loses and not waiting anymore money on weights.

    How much was the 50 gram weight by the way? I always imagined them to be expensive for what they are.
  4. 8 bucks for the weight lol
  5. i think its time for you to buy a new one.
  6. I did a little bit of research and it seems like they may have different calibrations than just a 50g weight. Not sure if you have the instructions to follow the process but I'm not the much help after that :(
  7. get a new one and cut your losses bruv
  8. You probably still have a warranty. Look for the warranty info and if you got it, then send that bitch in.
  9. Yeah already bought a new one awhile ago, took it as a loss. I did the calibration with the right weight and everything but since my scale was the .00 type, Im wondering if the weight was off by a few miligrams. Ex..the weight could weigh 50.06 and not 50.00 which is what its looking for...

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