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Why wont it last?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justmestephany, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. So me and my boyfriend smoke weed everyday and top shelf as well. He gets super high and it lasts him hours. As for me i get just as high it just doesnt last as long . We smoke the same amount so im not sure is it me ? Or what ?
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    Weed affects everyone differently (including duration) but my guess would be that your tolerance is higher than his?
    A higher tolerance makes it so that it takes more weed to reach the same high as him (or to reach the same high you are used to). Keep in mind my highs used to last for 3/4 hours now 1:30 is the max.

    Just wanted to add, what I do when I feel like my tolerance is too high is either go on a break for 5-10 days (I don't find a significant difference in going any more), or I follow this rule for two weeks or so (don't smoke before 4 and 2 hours before bed). If I don't sleep high I wake up feeling extra sober and the first hit is amazing.
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  3. howdy steph :wave:
  4. It's just you, stephany. Girls tend to over think these kinds of things, which will kill your high. Wanna get high with me instead? I think you don't get turned on by your guy so you never get as high as you could be. I can unlock your true potential...

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  6. Tolerance, genetics, weight, body fat, lung capacity; all these and other factors. If I'm smoking with friends who have tolerances closer to mine, I usually stay higher longer than them, but not by a whole lot. But I usually get drunk faster, harder and longer than people too, and even LSD seems to be harder hitting and longer lasting.

    My highs used to be 5+ hours when I first started, but now they're about 2 hours, even if I smoke a lot. My girlfriend who isn't as experienced smoking and weighs half of what I do gets high way longer, etc. than I ever did though.

    If you used to get high longer, just take a T break. Stop for 1-2 weeks and then go back to smoking. If it goes back up really fast, alternate days.
  7. Shit i dont stay high after 45 minutes its sad

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