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  1. where the weed at?

    well i live on the eastside and cant find shit.

    let me know if anyone else has luck.

    thanks guys!:D
  2. Hey whats up piggy ?
  3. nope. defffintely not a pig.
    i wasnt looking for a dealer..just wondering if everyone had the same problem.
    ive heard from tons of ppl that it was really dry here.
  4. Seen that show DEA on spike?

    Where they act like taking out growers is all hardcore of them?

    They're in detroit i think...
  5. Cause of that gay DEA show on tv.
  6. qft..
  7. that sucks, not dry right now in EL
  8. You've got to be kidding me if you think the east side is dry :confused::confused::confused::confused:

    Open your eyes herb is everywhere on the east side. Mostly regs for the most part in the city. There is dank but in the city it's called gans. Most of the dank comes from the burbs and Ann Arbor.

    You honestly can't find herb in the city though???? I'm baffled
  9. Dont got that problem in Rochester havent been in detroit for awhile for bud better luck and better prices out here
  10. u cant be from the city if u think the D aint got bud

    im up here in lansing til may and got bud all day...

    unless u broke...

    and my connex back home got me grabbin QP's of Mids for 250
    and its comin from the city....

    2 much bud in the city 2 say its dry guy
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    yeah i mean maybe my connects just cant find anything..
    but i mean for what it used to be like..its dry dry dry.
    i used to be able to pull up anywhere on a select few streets n have someone come out to my car. shit just aint the same.

    ganz..? thought that was like a strain of weed..like another name for some afghani shit. you could be right idk.

    haha let me know where your gettin qps for 250.. sounds like some bull to me though.
    and im not a guy guy.
  12. Dude... Or dudette... You talk a lot like a cop... And that fact that you CAN'T find weed, where several of our members are saying there's tons of it, just goes to show that you probably are a cop.
  13. Lol. I dont know if hes a cop but I am!!!

    or am i?

    Maybe I'm just a stoner in a room smoking and hearing music?
    or a DEA agent?
    -Fuck IDK who i am anymore..

    Can i get some bud???? lol.. JUST KIDDING!!- dont want to get banned.. lol.

    Detroit aint dry.
    Just pull out a 100 dollars. You will find SOMETHING!! if not an ounce of regs then a 1/4 of dank atleast!!! Peace from North EAST!!

    Yo BTW, I was in New jersey with a friend and we were dry. So we took the money we had ($60) and just walked around asking for some bud. we took abit of precautions but we were desperete. So in the end(walked 3 blocks,its really suburban so not many people walk out) we found a guy. he lit us up and drove us to his dealer to cop 3 dubs.. and then the guy apologized because his dealer didnt give us a free bag. lol

    i thought i was going to get raped or beaten.. word fosho.. especcially after that haze blunt he lit up. so paranoid driving with a dude with no license. But atleast he had a bob marley tattoo and a biggie smalls tattoo. so awesome!-sounds like a cop?, well its a true story.

  14. $250-$300 is the norm for for a QP in the city. Gans is just Detroit slang for dank, there is no gans strain that exists.

    Went to my guy this weekend on the east side, and he had at least 4 different kinds of dank.

    Also they cleaned up a lot of the notorious drug houses throughout the city in the last year and a half. They boarded many of the houses up and put signs "You Are Being Watched" all over them. There are many new hotspots to replace what was busted, good luck finding...
  15. welcome to the city

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