Why weed rules

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tylerc, May 28, 2009.

  1. So tonight I decided to end my almost 2 week T break a little early as a treat for studying/being on Vyvanse all day. However, our one connect fell through, so my friend was sitting outside our apartment smoking a cigarette and this guy walked by that looked like he smoked (delivery guy for Jimmy John's, we found out) and my roommate said, "hey, you know where we can get some bud?" and he said "are you a cop?" and my roommate said "yeah undercover DEA you're under arrest. just kidding" and he asks if I want to split an eighth for $60. He said it was good shit, so I gave my roommate $30 and he went with the guy to get it. They came back with a fat sack of some really dank bud with some fat nugs in it. I didn't weight it, but it looked like a solid 8th. We smoked a couple bowls with him and his roommate since they hooked us up out of my friend's ROOR steamroller he is letting me borrow for the summer :hello:

    So yeah, got a new hook up, made a couple new friends in this apartment complex, weed rocks :smoking:
  2. Sort of sketchy just to straight up ask if they know where to find bud. I'd use a more subtle method of asking, like "You holdin'?" or something similar to that.
  3. It's a college town in a party area off campus...most people here smoke or know someone who slings. Good bud is plentiful here.
  4. Where you at?
  5. Hah, yea its really cool how as soon as you bring up bud and both people realize they toke you automatically just become friends haha.
  6. Nowhere near Massachusetts, midwest.
  7. worked out well i see haha if someone said DEA i would have just strolled off

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