why u guys takin so long

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by herojuana, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. its been a realy long time u guys havent even shiped it out yet! mayb u guys r busy but still that no exscuse my order 028622 hasnt even been sent out??? i had to make a new thread cuz no one would anser the q in my last one, its been more then 3 weeks now, cmon now! u said it was in preshippin status or somtin? whats going on
  2. I'll send this to SJ!!
  3. was going on, u guys super busy this time of year?
  4. SJ is super busy this time of year..

    Did he not get back with you via pm??

    I'll send this to him again!!!!
  5. no he didnt pm me, i understand that u guys are busy, but customers probly shouldnt be neglected! its been a month since i payed and its still in preshipping status,

  6. I understand it''s annoying, the glass blowers are working their buds off, sorry for the dealy, it is no jter way, please be patient we are working on your orde and it will be shipped soon!


  7. how soon, can u give me an estimation please.
  8. I'll send it to SJ again!

    Does the support not give you any information on this??

  9. ot has still not shipped, which is odd, I'm on it!


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