Why they call me the puke master!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by eome, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. Right then... In the real world I go by the name of Switch- it is not important why now but i will tell u some time in the future if ur interested. So anyways. I usualy go round to a friends house to smoke dope- he gets it of another friend who gets it off his dealer anyways we get it reasonably cheap and just smoke a little a lot- anyways we were going to both chip in and buy a little more dope so.... we did and before i knew it i had my own little stash of dope in my bedroom. Anyways that unfortunately went unused as my mother just REFUSED to leave me alone. So then one night my other friend rings me up- BIG NATION OF ALCOHOLICS PISSUP TONIGHT AND UR INVITED MATE- now when the NOA have a pissup i make SURE that i'm there- come hell or high bong water.

    So that night we get drinking LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. We're absoluteley smashed (in fact i was so smashed that i forgot that ganja and alcohol don't mix well with me!!!) So we get talking and I tell the other guys that i have braught a little ganj and my wood with me. GREAT they say (even the oen who doesn't smoke at his house- who was the host) right so we all get smokin (but we're just too drunk to realise how stoned we're gettin and don't even feel any effect). So that night- soon after smoking I realise that I feel sick- so with my pipe in two peices in my pocket i say- "Beeeeeeeennn I feel sick" The reply was "don't fuking puke my mum's coming in!!!!" I manage to hold it down.... until his mum popped her head around the door- I put my hands over my face but it's too late. I vom. Three two metre long sprays of vomit come out of my mouth and redecorate the room in a nice chunky beige... hit the guys and miss his mother by inches. I look down and it's all over me- all of my clothes(which is why they call me the puke master but i'm involved in the story now so). So his mother- being understanding- gives me a change of clothes and washes mine so that my mother won't find out that i puked. So she empties my pockets!!!! THE PIPE!!!! Everyone grabbed that v quickly and hid it away- still she saw it tho and they spent the rest of the night in a cold office me collapsed on their couch shitting themselves cos she saw the pipe. The next morning i felt realy embarassed that i had vomited- but they told me that it was nothing and even played me a rendition of D.R.U.N.K. (available from morpheus now) modified to say "everybody must puke up" instead of "everybody must get drunk" I knew i'd been forgiven. I finaly went home in my own clothes. And realised that i had left the drunken plans for a great big smoking party at his house in his kitchen.... luckily they found it... and all was well
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Cool story bro.
  4. this post is from 2002. i totally thought he was talking about meth, by saying "dope". haha, he must be european
  5. yeah but he also uses the word "ganj" so i doubt he was talking about meth
  6. i smoke dope
    i try to buy more dope
    me and my boys do dope
    soon i have my own stash of dope
  7. grave diggers
  8. wonder if OP is still the puke master 8+ years later
  9. dam THUG LIFE
  10. hahah omg this is from fuckin '02
  11. Yup. InnerPeace got banned for bumping old threads.
  12. If he responds to this post, I will shit myself.
  13. i wonder if he is still the puke master

  14. It's a regional thing. When I lived in Arkansas dope was weed. Here in Kentucky it is meth. Anyone who has ever seen Pantera live has heard Phil Anselmo tell the audience to keep smoking dope, which any Pantera fans will know as weed as they were pretty big into it.

    Edit: I've also noticed a lot of older people refer to it as dope to.

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